Thursday, September 18, 2008


We are Cassie, Jessica and Jill. We like saving money. We also like feeding our families nutritious, organic food whenever we can. It makes our bodies happy. It makes the earth happy. Happy is good.

There are lots of awesome savings blogs out there for us coupon nuts. We found, however, that there is a gap in the earth friendly/natural/green products sect when it comes to hardcore coupon cutting and bargain hunting.

Enter: Envirosavings. Our goals are
-To gather all of the deals we find on natural, healthy, green, and/or eco-friendly products and consolidate them into this blog.
-To offer savings tips to those who are new to the couponing world.
-To practice the 80/20 rule of eating and living well. We try to feed our families healthy, natural, organic foods 80% of the time so that we don't feel guilty about the 20% when it's just not possible. (Or when we really, really want an Oreo. Hey, it happens to the best of us.)
-Cassie will also use this as a place to keep track of her spending. There's nothing like a website to act as natural accountability!

Thanks for stopping in and we hope you find something useful to you and your family!


Lindsey said...

Thanks for the tip about the Detroit Press having all of the coupons. We were getting the A2News and I couldn't figure out where all the coupons went!!!

tiffany said...

cassie: you're still in this area, right? i'd love to meet up for a quick lunch or something. i'm having a really hard time figuring out all this coupon stuff, but john and i REALLY want to be successful at it. they idea of being able to do some charitable work is very appealing, as well.

oh, and i wouldn't mind meeting those adorable kids you keep talking about, either.