Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rite Aid

I'm planning to try my hand at Rite Aid for the VERY FIRST TIME tomorrow. Here's my plan:

(10) SoyJoy bars @ 10/$5, use $3/10
(1) Garnier shampoo @ 2.99, use 1.00/1
(2) Kotex tampons @ 3.00, use (2) .75/1
(1) Luvs mega @ 9.99

After the $5/$20 and single check rebate I'll end up spending 3.49 plus tax.

I'll let you know how it goes.


(1) Raisins @ 2.99
(1) cake icing @ 3.19
(1) candles @ 1.19
(1) cage-free eggs @ 3.19, used .50/1
(6) Reese's candy @ B3G3 free, used 1.00/2 Reese's Whips
1+ lbs. asparagus @ .99/lb
(1) avocado @ 1.00
(3) Pillsbury Grands biscuits @ 1.00, used .50/3
(1) Lays chips @ 1.00
(1) Cheetos @ 1.00
(2) Pillsbury cake mix @ 1.00
(1) croutons @ 1.00
(1) Aunt Millie bread @ 1.00, used .35/1 doubled
(1) organic mushrooms @ 1.00
(1) organic graham crackers @ 4.39, used 1.00/2 Meijer Organics catalina
(2) Arnold bread @ 1.69, used 1.00/1 Meijer Mealbox, 1.00/1 from All You
(1) organic broccoli @ 1.67
(1) strawberries @ 1.67
(4) Land O'Lakes butter @ 1.25
(2) Tropicana OJ @ 2.50, used 1.00/2
(1) Smart Start cereal, FREE after mail-in rebate
(1) salt-free canned peas, clearanced to .42
(2) Hodgson Mill muffin mix clearanced to .84
(2) Hershey's Cacao Reserve truffles, clearanced to 1.84, used 1.00/1
(2) organic pancake mix clearanced to 1.94
(1) Bob's Red Mill scone mix clearanced to 2.40

Total spent: 47.38
Total saved: 46.19

So I'm over budget for the week but last week I spent under $50 total so I had a little extra to work with.

PS: Check the clearance section for lots of Hershey's and Dove chocolate, Hodgson Mill potato bread mix and muffin mix, Bob's Red Mill mixes, and Maple Grove Farm organic pancake/waffle mixes.


Lots of good clearance at Kroger, and I found some great catalinas on the ground. Hell no, it's not beneath me to pick up coupons off the ground. Well, I guess technically they are beneath me... but not for long! Heh.

Upon checkout I also received four more cats:
1.75/2 Seventh Generation
.75/1 organic milk
2.00/2 Eight O'Clock coffee
1.00/2 Sargento

(3) Morningstar Farms @ 2.59, used 1.00/3 catalina
(1) red pepper @ 1.00
(4) roma tomatoes @ 1.00/lb
(2) pears @ 1.00/lb.
(4) Thomas' English Muffins @ 2.99 and BOGO free, used 3.00/3 peelie (Meijer is all out of these but Kroger still had lots on the packages. Expires on Sunday)
(2) Cottonelle @ .99 each, used .50/2 doubled, and .25/1 cellfire e-coupon
(4) Hunts tomatoes @ 1.00, used .40/2 doubled
(2) Dole canned pineapple @ 1.00, used .75/2
(2) Colgate toothbrush @ 1.00. used .75/1
(2) Organic Valley string cheese @ .99, used 2.00/2- FREE
(1) Stonyfield Farms YoBaby yogurt, clearanced to 2.00, used 1.00/1 catalina
(3) Starkist tuna packs @ 1.00, used B2G1 free (took off 1.59)
(1) baby carrots @ 1.00
(1) Back To Nature granola clearanced to 1.94
(2) tofu clearanced to .79
(1) Kroger gallon milk, rBST-free @ 1.99
(1) Kraft cheese, rBST-free @ 1.99, used .75/1

Total spent: 27.97
Total saved: 38.87

PS: I went to the Kroger at Westgate, and they still had tons of YoBaby plain yogurt (expires tomorrow), tofu (expires April) and some Horizon organic skim milk gallons clearanced to 2.00 (unsure of expiration).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free Kashi Frozen Entree

Go here and enter your address to receive a coupon for a free frozen entree from Kashi.

Thanks to Maryanne at My Penny Pile for the heads up on this deal!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Trader Joe's

I don't see a lot this week as far as Meijer and Kroger go, so I figured I'd blow some cash at Trader Joe's. It's amazing how my perspective has changed on TJ's. I still love it, don't get me wrong. But most everything there I can get quite a bit cheaper other places, Whole Foods included, with a good sale and coupon. The exceptions are produce, which isn't usually as good there, and hummus. (Which, next to my own of course, is the one of the best I've ever had.)

Total spent: 22.46

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some Qs worth mentioning

Taylortown has tomorrow's coupon preview up. Here are the ones I'm most excited about:

1.00/3 Stonyfield Farms organic yogurt cups
1.00/1 any Cascadian Farms product
1.00/2 Nature Sweet cherry tomatoes
2.00/10 Soyjoy bars
BOGO free Soyjoy

NOTE: I got neither the SF yogurt coupon, nor the tomatoes one. Red Plum is trippin'.

Rounding out the week with more free Steamers...

...and some cheap wipes.

It looks simple enough but in reality it took me over an hour and a couple of trips to Meijer since those darn coupons needed cashier assistance for every. single. one. I just had to walk away a few times and take a breather. However, a freezer full of free veggies is worth the hassle and dirty looks. Oh, and also I ran into my friend Andrea and gave her two coupons so that's why there are 14 bags here and not 16 like I said there would be.

Total before sales/coupons: 35.22
Total spent: 4.36

Friday, February 20, 2009

Whole Foods: Seventh Generation diapers & wipes

Seventh Generation diapers and wipes are on sale at Whole Foods this week (sales week goes from Wed. - Tues.). If you haven't already, go here and sign up to print two 2.00/1 coupons for any 7th Gen baby product. Diapers I think were running about $11 and the small packs of wipes were just under $3. Use 2 coupons to get 2 small packs of wipes for about .70 each, or two jumbo packs of diapers for under $10 apiece.

Also, remember that WF offers a 10% case discount which I assume would be on top of the sale price (someone correct me if I'm wrong) so with the coupons this could be a really decent deal if you're in the market for chlorine-free diapers or wipes.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


A great week at Meijer.

(2) Huggies baby wipes @ 2.00, used .50/1 to get them for 1.00
(4) Green Giant boxed spinach @ 1.00, used .50/2
(4) GG Steamers- FREE after .50/1 (I did a separate transaction for two of them)
(2) Quaker Rice cakes- FREE after 1.25/1
(1) organic baby carrots @ 1.00
(1) mini bananas @ 1.00
(1) sliced pesticide-free mushrooms @ 1.00
(1) Alouette clearanced to 3.17
(4) Chi-chis salsa (raincheck and coupons made them .44 each)
(1) dozen cage-free eggs, 2.19 after .50/1
(2) Trident gum (not pictured)- FREE after .75/1
(2) Wheat Thins @ 2.50, used 1.00/2 to get each for 2.00 (tearpad in center aisle!)
(3) Thomas bagels @ 2.50, found another 3.00/3 peelie! Got them for 1.50 each
(2) Aunt Millie's @ 1.25, used .50/1 to get each for .25

I also used that 1.00/$5 frozen foods purchase cat, and got an extra dollar off for the buy 10, get the 11th free promo.

FYI, I also acquired 16 more Steamers coupons that I will be using before Sunday. I loooooove freeeeee veggieeeeeeeeeees.


Total before sales/coupons: 77.36
Total spent: 22.30


Forgive my excitement, but I'm on bedrest for the duration of my pregnancy and haven't left the house in 8 days! I went out this AM as I've been given the OK by my doc to slowly increase my activity.   I scanned my card only to be surprised with a 10/30 coupon AND a 5/30 coupon! AND a $1 off any shampoo coupon (shampoo was on my list anyway! yahoo!)--Here's what I got:
-1 jumbo Huggies, 2 colgate, 2 herbal essences, 2 Stayfree, 2 neutrogena bars, 1 Liter of mouthwash,  1 box Lansinoh nursing pads
-used $22 worth of Qs (including $11 worth of CVS Qs) and $24 worth of ECBs.  Got back $22 in ECBs.  paid $1.50 oop.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Whole Foods

I cancelled my produce delivery this week and decided instead to take a trip over to Whole Foods where I knew a gift card in an undisclosed amount was waiting for me. I was astonished to discover that it was $20! I also found a stray gift card left over from that crazy Christmas gift card promo, and it ended up having 3.79 on it. So... it was on like Donkey Kong. Here's the booty:

(1) Hummus @ 2.50
(2) Garden of Eatin chips @ 1.99, use 1.00/2 to get them for 1.49 each
(1) lb. organic strawberries @ 4.99
(4) Brown Cow yogurt @ .67 each, used 1.00/4 from Whole Deal to get them for .42 each
1.5+ lbs. Bananas @ 1.27
(1) organic red pepper @ 1.64
red grape tomatoes @ 1.99
2 lb. Lundberg rice @ 3.00, used 1.00/1 from WD to get it for 2.00
3 lb. organic apples @ 2.99
(1) Back to Nature mac and cheese @ 1.99 (they raised the price!), used .70/1 from WD to get it for 1.29
(2) Wolfgang Puck soups @ 2.00, used 1.00/1 WD to get them for a buck each
(2) Muir Glen organic diced tomatoes 28 oz @ 1.99, used .75/1 to get each for 1.24
(1) Odwalla strawberry smoothie @ 2.50, used .55/1 to get it for 1.95
(2) canned green beans @ .99
(3) organic beans 25 oz @ 1.67

Total before coupons but after sales: 45.22
Total after coupons, bag refund and gift cards: 13.68

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hidden moneymaker at CVS

I found this deal on I Heart CVS. There's a deal this week on select Neutrogena products: Buy 2, get 10 ECBs. These little soaps cost 2.99 each and count towards the deal, even though they are NOT marked. So...

Buy (2) of these little dudes @ 2.99 each = 5.98 + tax
Earn 10 ECBs

That's a $4 profit, without even trying!

This is a great opportunity to get your natural products for cheap or free if you have ECBs sitting around. In addition to the soaps, choose a product that costs about $4 and pay with 10 ECBs. You'll pay tax and get your $10 back in ECBs at the end of the transaction. OR you can use 6 ECBs, and you'll get back 10. Any way you slice it, it's pure awesomeness.

Thanks again to Erica at I Heart CVS for posting this great tip!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Whole Foods Wins Me Back (as if I could quit them)

If you will recall my little coupon incident at Whole Foods last week, you will remember that I said I was going to follow up with corporate regarding their coupon policy. I sent a very nice email explaining the situation and asking for a copy of their coupon policy. I also made sure I complimented the cashier and manager with whom I spoke, because they were very kind and professional in their handling of the situation.

I received this response back from a store manager:

Dear Ms. Brabbs,

Unfortunately we do not have a written coupon policy. Each store has their own slightly different policy.

In this case I think there may have been a miscommunication. From your recounting of the situation you should have been able to use your coupon. As long as the coupons are truly manufacturers coupons, are in date and are for products we carry.

I have discussed this with our Customer Service Team Leader and he will be following up with the cashiers.

I am truly sorry about this and hope you will bring the coupon in so that we can redeem it for you.

There will also be a gift card in your name at the customer service desk for your trouble.

So you see? When in doubt, it never hurts to ask. (And along the same lines it's also nice to send shiny happy emails to corporate when you've had a positive experience with a particular cashier at your store. Many times they get bonuses and perks when a customer gives them a pat on the back. It's worth the 2 minutes it would take to find out their name and shoot off an email to their boss.)

Mambo Sprouts

If you haven't already, go here to find good coupons on organic/natural products. You can also sign up to receive a coupon booklet in the mail. I just received mine, and it contains all of the current coupons in the Whole Deal booklet and more (and these can be redeemed anywhere).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why not do flowers instead?

Whole Foods has their every day bouquets on sale for 9.99, just in time for Valentine's Day. (Amazing how that works out, isn't it?) I've also heard rumors that select Whole Foods stores are selling 2 dozen roses for 19.99. Their flowers are really beautiful and last twice as long as any others I've purchased.

You can also go here to enter for a chance to win a year's worth of free flowers from Whole Foods.

This post is pretty much for my male readers, who shall remain mostly nameless. (Eric.) And for women who, like me, will be buying their own flowers on Saturday.


Great news for people and cows alike.

Monsanto, the producer of rBGH, is selling the division of their company that makes the artificial growth hormone which makes dairy cows produce more milk. This apparently happened back in August but since I typically buy organic or rBST free dairy I haven't been as on top of it as I should have been.

So as a consumer of things unprocessed and un-screwed with, I am elated. And as a former breastfeeder and animal lover I'm very happy for cows. Moooooo, my bovine friends. Mooooo.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Grrrr. (or "How Whole Foods screwed me out of $5")

Good news: Whole Foods takes competitor's coupons.
Bad news: According to the manager at the Cranbrook location, $/$$ coupons can only be used after all other coupons have been applied. This is contrary to every other couponing experience I have had there up to this point, so I plan to email corporate to get their policy in writing. Anyway, this should have cost me $5 less than it did (and probably more since I specifically got this total to $50 just so I could use a $10/$50.) Anyway, here are the best deals I found:

(2) milk @ 3.99 each
(1) Organic Valley soy milk @ 3.00 ($2 after coupon, see below)
(1) OV half and half @ 1.69, used 2.00/2 OV (.69 after coupon)
(2) Organic Valley raw cheese @ 3.99 (used 2.00/2 OV to get them for 2.99 each)
(1) Ian's organic french bread pizza @ 4.39, used 1.00/1 from Mambo Sprouts to get it for 3.39
(1) WF 365 spinach & feta pizza @ 4.00, used 1.00/1 Whole Deal coupon ($3 for a frozen pizza!)
(2) Lightlife sandwich slices @ 2.39, used 1.00/1 to get each for 1.39
(1) 7th Generation laundry detergent @ 7.99, used 1.00/1 from website to get it for 6.99
(2) all juice popsicles @ .99 each (normally 3.69 each)
(2) Back to Nature mac and cheese @ 1.69, used .70/1 (this is the every day price; under a dollar for mac and cheese works for me)
(2) Wolfgang Puck tomato soup @ 2.00 each, used 1.00/1 to get them for a dollar each

Total before coupons but after sales: 51.35
Total after coupons: 33.95

Thankfully I was able to use a $5/$25 after all of my coupons were scanned. I was happy for the extra savings, but a little bummed out since I had initially planned on spending just under $29.

This week's produce

(1) head of red leaf lettuce
(4) pears
(2) apples
(2) avocados
(4) bananas
(2) bunches of broccoli
(2) oranges
cherry tomatoes

Total cost: $23
Interested in organic produce delivery?
Door To Door Organics
Absolute Organics
Farm Fresh To You

Monday, February 9, 2009

CVS. Ho-hum.

I'm not excited about CVS this week. But I needed diapers so I took one for the team and decided to do the monthly Stayfree deal while I was there. (Heh. I giggle like a middle schooler every time I say 'monthly Stayfree deal.')

I bought:
(4) Stayfree @ 3.99 each, used 2 BOGO Free coupons
(1) Pampers @ 9.99, used 1.00/1

Paid with 17 ECBs, paid .51 OOP and got back 8 ECBs for the Stayfree.

Meijer this week- lots of goodies!

I ran to Meijer last night to buy two newspapers and as I was at the U-Scan I noticed a bunch of catalinas coming out of the machine behind me. I asked the guys who just walked up if they minded me grabbing them and they said no. I ended up getting:
$4/$30 purchase
$1.50/any Meijer Organics item
$1/$5 dairy purchase
$1/5 frozen foods purchase

So this evening my 3 year old and I went back to score some deals.

(1) Organic vegetable broth, .49 after 1.50/1 cat
(1) Organic eggs @ 2.67 after .50/1
(1) Melita coffee filter @ .49 after Mealbox coupon
(4) Sargento string cheese @ 2.09 after .55/1 coupon
(1) Danactive @ 1.00 after 1.00/1
(1) Eight o'clock coffee @ 3.29 after 1.00/1
(2) Chex mix- FREE after .50/1
(1) Betty Crocker frosting- FREE after .50/1
(2) Skippy natural PB @ .45 after .40/1
(6) Thomas english muffins- .25 each after 3.00/3 peelie (check the packages at your store!)
(1) Cascadian Farms organic granola bars @ 1.00 after 1.00/1
(1) chili beans, clearanced to .44
(1) organic peas, clearanced to .55
I also got the following to donate:
(2) Oral-B toothbrushes @ 1.00 each after 1.00/2
(2) Softsoap @ .29 each after .35/1
(2) Suave deodorant @ .79 each after .50/1
and I meant to grab two Herbal Essences, but realized once I got home that I accidentally bought the Meijer brand. I checked my receipt and interestingly my 3.00/2 coupon came off my total... I imagine the cashier must have pushed it through without either of us noticing. So I was supposed to pay a dollar each but ended up paying only .49 each. I was going to take them back but I think that will be a logistical nightmare with the coupon situation so I'll just chalk it up to good coupon karma for passing along my second Betty Crocker frosting coupon to the college girls buying butter cream frosting for their friend's birthday cake. Let them eat cake, indeed... with free frosting!

Total spent: 21.51
Total saved: 70.01 (Didja get that?! $20 for $90 worth of groceries!)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another coupon mag at Whole Foods

There are a few good Qs in this magazine, which is free at WF.
2.00/2 ANY Organic Valley
1.00/1 Bossa Nova Superfruit juice
.75/2 Enjoy Life Choco Boom chocolate bars
...and a couple others that I didn't find too interesting.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Look what I found at Plum Market today:

I asked at the customer service desk if they have any discount coupons and the dude forked over a handful of these bad boys.
If you aren't in the Ann Arbor area I imagine other natural food stores might have this same booklet. Coupons included:
Muir Glen
Food For Life
Traditional Medicinals
Barbara's Bakery
Nature's Path
Simply Asia
Woodstock Farms
And there is a $2 rebate for Colavita olive oil.

All are manufacturer's coupons and don't specify where they can be redeemed (unlike Whole Foods, who recently changed the verbiage on their Whole Deal coupons to state that they may only be redeemed at Whole Foods).

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meijer and Kroger

(4) Alouette cheese spread @ 2.64 each (Raincheck from last week. I could live on this stuff.)
(1) pint ice cream @ 1.00 after 1.00/1 Mealbox coupon
(2) Meijer pasta
(2) avocados
(1) bagged spinach
(1) organic mushrooms
4 lbs. brown sugar
(1) Mrs. Dash @ .99 after .50/1 coupon
(1) bread
(1) cage-free eggs
(2) ricotta cheese
(4) Silk soymilk @ 2.00 each after 1.00/2 coupons
(4) beans, clearanced to .44 each
(1) zipper baggies, clearanced to .90
(2) Biz laundry liquid, clearanced to 1.69. Used 1.50/1 coupons to get each for .19
(2) All Baby laundry liquid, clearanced to 2.79. Used .40/1 to get each for 1.99

Total spent: 39.57
Total saved: 52.73

At Kroger I bought mostly produce since I cancelled my delivery this week.

(4) bananas
(1) seedless watermelon
(1) green pepper
1.5 lbs. sweet potatoes
1.5 lbs. grapes
(1) Clif z bar @ .99, used .50/1 coupon- FREE
(3) 4-packs of Cottonelle, used 1.00/1 printable, .50/2 from recent insert and .25/1 e-coupon

Total spent: 8.34
Total saved: 7.76

So I'm definitely over for the week but I'm averaging just over $85 a week so far for the year since early on I was under budget.

The funniest thing(s) I've seen all day.

These greeting cards are available from Carol Lee Designs on Etsy. The line is called Hate Mail. Gee, I wonder why? Go and check out the rest of her available greetings. My personal favorite is "Darwin almost got you that time. Get Well Soon."

All of her cards are made on recycled paper and have the Forest Stewardship Council's stamp of approval. Eco-friendly and mildly offensive. But extremely hilarious.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wait! Don't throw your junk mail in the recycle bin yet!

Ann Arborites, take a look in your Red Plum junk mail that came today. You should have three $10/$70 coupons for Hiller's market. My fun vegetarian friend Cristy just informed me that Whole Foods will take any and all Hiller's coupons.

Thanks for the tip, Cristy!

PS: Stephanie just informed me that Plum Market coupons are also accepted at Whole Foods. Wahoo!

Coupon Binders

Kelly asked me how I organize my coupons. Here's a brief video I shot that I hope will answer your question, Kelly!

More coupons...

My friend Jill sent me this link to a post at Affluent Pauper, where you can find a list of natural and organic foods and the best place to find coupons for them.

I thought this would be helpful to post, particularly on the heels of Jessica's blog about writing to natural and organic companies asking for coupons.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The next step...

So, I'm reading about the super-couponing folks emailing companies, essentially asking for coupons.  Cassie's alluded to this in previous posts, so I know it's old news to her, but since I tried it recently and it's paid off quite a bit, I thought I'd share.  I started with a list of companies that I'm pretty loyal to, or those that I wish I could be loyal to if only their products were cheaper.  Here's the list, what I wrote them and the end result.  I have about a billion other ideas, but I had a few minutes the other day, so started out with just these 8.

Tom's of Maine: wrote to them about how I am happy to drive out of my way for Tom's fluoride-free toothpaste for my daughter, but that I accidentally bought fully-fluoridated toothpaste last time and I was just inquiring regarding product availability locally.  I made a point of being very complimentary as I am VERY loyal to Tom's for toothpaste for my kid in particular.  I asked also for any Qs or promos that they can put me on their mailing list.  Within 4 days, I received a full tube of children's fluoride-free toothpaste.

Lansinoh: same deal, complimented them, asked for Qs as I prepare to become a milk machine in the next few months.  Within 4 days I received a sample pack of breast pads, nipple creams, breastmilk storage bags, cloth wipes.

Eucerin: complimented them on their Q10 cream (my FAVORITE and only cream I put on my face-if you've seen my complexion lately, this may make you very afraid of the product, but I assure you it'd be even scarier if not for this product!), asked for Qs.  Received three $2 off Qs expiring 12-10-09.

Stoneyfield Farms: received $5 worth of Qs within a week

Eggland's Best: we've been loyal to these eggs for about 3 years (exception: occasionally I'll buy the Meijer brand equivalent, but with Qs, Egglands are cheaper), I just wrote them complimenting their philosophy and their product.  I received one $0.50 coupon.  yipee-skippy, I only have about 40 of these already.  only good thing is that this Q has no expiration date.

Amy's: received email back stating they will be mailing me some coupons.

Kashi and LUVS: nothing received to date.

I have a long list of more companies / products to try and am keeping track of the savings.  These coupons came at no cost to me as I just wrote a simple, quick email in each case.

Whole Foods. Yawn. And last minute Kroger run.

I had to run get some milk yesterday and decided to look around while I was there. I didn't see any deals that were particularly enticing. I ended up buying 2 cans of organic lentils, some organic grape tomatoes, a package of frozen fish bites (there is a coupon for 1.00/1 in the new Whole Deal) and a half gallon of milk.

Total spent: 12.14

Then I went to Kroger. We needed beverages for our Super Bowl shindig, plus my Seventh Generation coupons were expiring so I threw together a list and braved the heat wave.

The Kraft blinkie machine had been refilled since the last time I was there so I took full advantage of that. Also there was this really nice lady who didn't want to have to buy ten packages of cheese in order to get the lower price. After assuring her that it's fine to freeze cheese, running through a quick coupon lesson and shoving ten .75/1 coupons at her she was on board with spending just .24 a pack and oh-so-excited about it. I love being the bearer of good financial news in the dairy section.

My other funny story is that, for the second time ever in my life, I didn't get carded while buying beer. At first I was a little hurt, but then I realized that the kid checking me out was like 12 so I probably looked like a grandma to him.

(9) various Kraft cheese, rBGH-free @ .24 each after coupon and promo
(1) 12-pack Miller Lite bottles (not pictured) @ 9.49 plus deposit
(1) Detroit Free Press (not pictured) @ 1.75
(4) Pepperidge farm goldfish @ .99 after promo
(1) 12-pack of Sierra Mist @ 2.50 + deposit after promo
(2) Juicy Juice @ 1.49 each after coupon and promo
(1) Cottonelle- FREE after coupon (see link to the left)
(4) Wheat Thins @ .99 each after 2.00/2 coupons and promo
(4) 7th Gen paper towels- marked at 1.59 each, but rang up at .50! Used 1.00/1 coupons to make them all free plus $2 overage total!
(2) Light Life Deli slices @ 2.50 each, used 1.00/1 to get each for 1.50

Total spent: 37.58 (That beer really killed my total... but I'll get back 2.40 for the bottle deposits on that and the Sierra Mist)
Total saved: 62.61

PS: I forgot to tell you about the rebate form I found on a Gillette shampoo display at Kroger. Send in this form along with your receipt from purchasing any Gillette shampoo, conditioner or styling product and they'll send you a coupon for a free Gillette shampoo. If you did this deal at CVS last week this is a great way to get more shampoo to donate. (Or for your stockpile... however you choose to roll.) Keep your eyes open for this display; I'll probably try to grab a few more for those of you who I know got your Gillette last week. (Jess, Jill, Amy, maybe Becky and Bren?... am I missing anyone?)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New coupons up!

Check out my coupon link to the left for some new printable coupons. Most interesting:

.50/1 ANY Cottonelle, which means a 4-pack of free TP at Kroger! (You can print once)

1.50/2 Imagine soups or broth. These frequently go on sale at Kroger for 2.50 each, and 1.75 for organic broth is a great price. I was able to print 4 coupons.

Kroger is also having a General Mills cereal sale this week. Select varieties are 1.67; there are some printables that will make this a good deal provided those varieties are on sale, or use the .50/1 Multigrain Cheerios coupons from an insert a few weeks ago to get them for .67 each.