Monday, October 20, 2008


'Tis the season for food drives and donations. It's one of my favorite things about the holiday season, what with my spiritual gift of shopping and all. While donating a $5 bottle of shampoo is certainly awesome, how much 'awesomer' would it be to donate ten $5 bottles of shampoo, especially if you're paying pennies for all of them? Or what if you save the coupons for non-perishable food items you would never use just to fill a grocery bag full of food to take to a food pantry for only a few bucks?

I've decided to devote a post every week to donate-able items: non-perishable foods and toiletry items. This post will appear on Wednesdays, after I've had time to do my weekly shopping as well as look at the local ads. The idea is to find items for a dollar and under that would be appropriate to donate to your local food pantry or shelters. After I scour the stores for the best deals, I'll post a list of the free or almost-free items that you can pick up to bless those who are going through a hard time. (And there are so, so many people in need right now.)

Please make sure to visit on Wednesday and look for the post "Philanthro-Free". And don't forget to buy a newspaper on Sunday. It's the most plentiful source of coupons and I promise you will make your money back many times over! (Also, if you live in my area, The Detroit Free Press is the best source of coupons. The Ann Arbor News has pretty much nothing.)

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Jen Holt said...

hi cassie,
I need some help finding a place to donate all my freebies that I dont need. Hopefully you can lead me in the right direction. I live in Milan but am often in the AA/Ypsi area.
I also have some baby stuff that i would like to go to a good home (formula, throw away bottles, randoms...) any thoughts?