Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The biggest find this week: Kashi frozen pizzas are 3.99 (normally over $7 each!) and there are 1.00/1 peelie coupons on Kashi cereal boxes, making them 2.99 apiece. Wowzers!

Thomas bagels are BOGO.

CPK Flatbread Melts (like a pizza sandwich I guess) are 2.99 each and there were 1.00/1 blinkies making them 1.99.

Luna bars and Clif bars are 1.00; I used coupons from my Mambo Sprouts booklet to get the Luna and Zbars for free, and the Clif Bars for .50 each.

Stayfree and OB Tampons are 1.50 after coupons from Sunday's paper. I bought 2 pads and 3 tampons for a total of 7.50 + tax, but I have so many feminine products in my stockpile that I plan to donate these to our church's Single Moms Ministry, as well as the Suave deodorant that was .25 after .75/1 coupon.

Not pictured was a Burt's Bees hand sanitizer for 4.99 because I just ran out and hey, Swine Flu.

Total spent: 35.72
Total saved: 43.76

Free Thai Kitchen instant noodles @ Whole Foods

This week (Wednesday through Tuesday) Thai Kitchen instant noodles are 3/$2.00 (.67 each). There is a .75/1 coupon in the Whole Deal flyer, making these free! I like to keep these on hand for a quick lunch.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


(2) Tylenol Extra Strength @ 8.00 each and
(2) Band Aids @ 3.59 each, used 3.00/2 and 1.00/1, earned 10 ECBs
(1) Garnier shampoo @ 2.99, used 1.00/1, earned 2 ECBs
(2) Crest @ 1.99, used 1.00/1, earned back 1 ECB each
(1) Detroit Free Press @ 1.75

I also used a 2.50 off any $10 pain reliever purchase CRT coupon, and a $5/$30 that was emailed to me.

Paid with 8.38 ECBs, paid 8.88 OOP, earned back 14 ECBs.

Total saved: 32.56

Saturday, April 25, 2009

K-Mart Super Doubles run

It completely slipped my mind that K-Mart was running a $2 Super Double week. I grabbed my binder and headed over this afternoon. I ended up making a second trip with the baby tonight but she flipped out because it was too close to her bedtime and it started torrential downpouring and I had no umbrella and therefore I ended up paying way too much for toothbrushes because in my hurry I grabbed the wrong ones by mistake. *Sigh.* Oh well.

Transaction #1:
(1) Colgate @ 3.29, used 1.50/1 from All You
(1) Crest @ 2.79, used 1.00/1
(2) Sensodyne travel sized toothpaste @ 1.49 each, used .75/1 peelies
(3) Hefty One-Zip travel bags (7 per pack) @ 1.19 each, used .55/1
(2) Juicy Juice 8-packs @ 2.00 each, used 1.00/2 from All You
(1) Arm and Hammer concentrated cleaner @ 2.79, used 1.00/1

Total: 4.67

Transaction #2:
(2) Oral-B toothbrushes @ 3.69 each (grrrr), used 1.00/1
(2) Kotex Lightdays @ 1.29, used .75/1

Total: 3.79

Total spent: 8.46

come on over.

I've gotten behind in my coupon clipping the last couple of weeks and decided to make myself do it on Sunday nights before the week gets away from me. Since I love accountability and company I'm extending a standing invitation to come to my house on Sunday nights at 8:00 to clip, trade and talk coupons and deals. If you're new or want to get started this would be a great time to come and see what this whole thing is all about. Just buy a Detroit Free Press and head on over after the kids are in bed. I'll provide snacks.

If you need my address or directions you can email me at cassiebrabbs at hotmail dot com.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow night!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

march for babies

This Sunday I'm walking in the March of Dimes March For Babies on Nora and Ryan's team. Nora and Ryan are the adorable twins of Jessica, co-author and CVS superstar of this blog. I joined the team a month or so ago but because I'm the biggest procrastinator evah I'm just now posting it here.

I'm going to match donations up to a total of $200, so even if you can only give $5 it will really be like $10.

If you love babies, will you consider making a donation to our team? And if you don't love babies, there's something wrong with you. Seriously. But as a former baby, please consider giving anyway.

Thank you, friends.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day, Green Machines.

You know, Earth Day pretty much passed me right by without a second thought. But then again, here at Envirosavings, every day is Earth Day. (Did you like how I distracted you from my absent-mindedness with self-importance? Nice.) The very exciting thing about an official day for our planet is that there are lots of sales this week on the kinds of products we love: healthy, clean and green.

I have a gazillion pictures to put up, so let's get started with CVS:

(4) newspapers @ 1.75 each
(1) Edge shaving cream @ 2.89
(1) Oral-B floss @ 2.88

Used 10.98 ECB, paid 1.79 OOP, earned back 4.89 ECBs

I also did a deal at Rite-Aid:

(1) Huggies diapers @ 8.99, used 1.50/1 from Sunday's paper
Will get $3 back from Single Check Rebate
Total after rebate: 5.03


Have I told you lately that I love... Kroger?

(4) 4-packs of Angel Soft TP @ 1.00, used .50/1 from this week's paper to get them FREE
(2) 7th Gen paper towels @ 1.99, used 1.75/2 catalina
(1) SF Farms YoBaby organic yogurt @ 4.39, used 1.50/1 catalina that was about to expire
(1) McCormick Grillmaster spices @ 1.00, used .50/1 from this weeks paper to get it FREE
(10) Bird's Eye Steamfresh frozen veggies @ 1.00, used .35/1 to get each for .30
(1) Kroger sour cream @ 1.00
Zucchini @ .59
Tomatoes @ 1.01
Baby carrots @ 1.00

I got a .15 bag refund also.

Total spent: 11.93
Total saved: 32.85


I made two trips to Meijer this week. One on Sunday to make sure I could get the Electrasol while it was still in stock and a second trip this evening.

(4) Electrasol @ 3.50 each, used 2.50/1 Qs from Sunday's paper
(2) Greenworks toilet cleaner @ 2.39 each, used 1.00/2. (You can also print this coupon.)
(2) Kashi crackers @ 3.19, used 1.00/1 peelies from Kashi cereal boxes and "$1 off $4 cracker purchase" catalina that I found in the cracker aisle.
(1) Frank's Red Hot sauce @ .99, FREE after .50/1
(1) Smuckers fruit spread @ 2.00, used .25/1
(1) Cascadian Farm fruit spread @ 3.49, used 1.00/1
(2) Morningstar Farms frozen crap @ 3.99, used .75/1 catalina that was about to expire
(1) organic maple syrup @ 6.79
(4) organic avocados @ 4.49
(4) Sargento cheese @ 1.84, used .50/2 coupons to get them for 1.34 each
(3) Mueller's pasta @ .66 each
(1) parmesan cheese @ 2.99, used 1.00/1
(2) rolls Small Steps recycled paper towels @ 2.00, used 1.00/1
(2) Yoplait kids yogurt @ 2.00, used .35/1 to get each for 1.30
(1) strawberries @ 1.34
(2) Betty Crocker boxed muffin mix @ 1.67, used .40/1 to get each for .87
(2) Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal @ 2.50, used 1.00/1 printable to get each for 1.50 (click my link on the left to print two coupons)
(1) Kashi U cereal @ 2.50, used 1.00/1 peelie on box to get it for 1.50
mini croissants from the bakery, clearanced to 1.97 ( I love easy breakfasts.)

I returned 2.10 worth of bottles and cans that have been sitting in our shed for months, and I also used my 1.00 OYNO cat from last week's Silk deal.

Total spent: 54.29
Total saved: 58.54

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meijer & Kroger. It's all about the vegetables, baby.

First up was Meijer:

How is it possible that I'm out of beans? I usually wait until they go on sale for .44 a can at Kroger but it's been a while and my pantry was legumeless. They are .60 a can at Meijer this week.

Green Giant boxed veggies are part of the 10/$10, 11th free deal. Use .50/2 coupons or 1.00/3 coupons from Betty Crocker mailer.

Arnold Bread is 1.69, use 1.00/1 Meijer Mealbox coupon.

Palmolive Pure dish soap is 2.00. I had some 1.00/1 coupons from my awesome friend Jill, plus was able to stack a 1/00/3 Mealbox Q to get them for under .70 each.

Softsoap was .30 after .35/1 coupon. (Will donate this to our church's Single Moms ministry.)

International Delights coffee creamers are 1.50, use 1.00/2 to get them for a dollar each.

Danimals drinkable yogurts are 2.00, use Mealbox coupon to get them for 1.00.

Ragu is .65 after sale and .30/1 coupon.

Thomas mini bagels are 1.50 after sale and Mealbox coupon.

Silk soymilk is 2.50 after 1.00/2 Mealbox coupon, AND I received a 1.00 off your next order coupon for purchasing two.

Organic carrots and mushrooms as well as Aunt Millie's bread are also part of the 10/$10, 11th free deal.

Green peppers are 1.00/lb.

Bananas are .39/lb.

Total spent: 41.37
Total saved: 47.72

Then Kroger:

Bird's Eye Steamfresh veggies are 1.00, as are Green Giant boxed veggies. There are coupons out there for .35/1 Bird's Eye and .50/2 Green Giant. After the coupons double your veggies will be .30 and .50, respectively. Kroger (or mine, at least) has no limit on coupons that will double so I was able to get 10 of each. I ordered more coupons on Ebay which cost me under $3, and I got rainchecks so I can go back in the next couple of weeks to get more.

Garden of Eatin chips are 2.50, I used the 1.00/2 to get them for 2.00 each.

Select Knudsen organic juice is BOGO free and there are .75/1 coupons out there. (I didn't have any today). Remember that you can use 2 coupons on a BOGO free, so each juice would be just a dollar. (Blueberry Pomegranate is amazing by the way.)

Grapes are .88/lb.

Quaker Rice cake quakes are free after the 1.00/1 coupon from a recent paper.

I also found some pitas and organic vegetable soup on Manager's Special. (50% off!)

Total spent: 20.40
Total saved: 42.29

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whole Foods and produce delivery

Whole Foods changes over their sales on Wednesday and I'm guessing the Brown Cow yogurt won't be on sale anymore beginning tomorrow. So I gathered up my remaining three coupons from last quarter's Whole Deal and made the trek. At 9:30pm. In the rain. (It's totally worth it for Brown Cow. Moo.)

(12) Brown Cow yogurt @ .75, used 1.00/4 to get them for .50 each
(1) Clif Zbar @ .69, used .50/1 to get it for .19
(3) Annie's bunny crackers @ 3/$7

I also got a 10% discount on the yogurt for buying a case.

Total: 12.29

We also got our produce delivery today. Man, I love Tuesdays.

Produce delivery total: 23.00

Just for fun, here's what I whipped up for supper using some of our lovely fruits and veggies:

Sweet potatoes in the crock pot- I peeled, diced and boiled the organic sweet potatoes for about 10 minutes. I mixed a can of low sodium cream of mushroom soup with 1/3 c. sour cream and 1/2 c. water, a little bit of Mrs. Dash and 2 c. of RBGH-free shredded colby-jack and added that to the cooked sweet potatoes. Put a little olive oil spray in the crock pot, set it on medium high and put the potato mixture in. Topped it with seasoned bread cubes and 3 Tbsp. of melted butter and let it cook for about 2 hours. Very delicious.
Sauteed the organic zucchini and squash in a little olive oil and seasoned with a dash of sea salt. I'm digging my cast iron skillet.
Not pictured- organic strawberries for dessert. They were gone before I could take a picture.

Okay. For real this time.

I finally feel like I'm ready to pick this thing back up. I hope some of y'all are still out there! (Amy? Jill?)

Let's kick things off with CVS this week.

(1) Softsoap body wash @ 4.99, used 1.00/1, earned 4.49 ECBs
(1) Colgate sensitive toothpaste @ 3.99, used .75/1, earned 3.99 ECBs
(1) Hefty trash bags @ 5.99

Paid with 11 ECBs, 2.46 OOP, earned back 8.48 ECBs.