Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Whole Foods in Ann Arbor!

The kids and I went to the new Whole Foods on Eisenhower (across from Briarwood Mall) this morning and WOW did we hit the jackpot! Going in the door we were given a free reusable shopping bag, and the doors then parted to usher us into Free Sample Land. The kids and I grazed on fresh fruits, veggies, cheese, bread, chips and juice and I got some free samples of hand lotions (paraben-free and totally delicious smelling).

I scoured a few aisles for coupons and there were quite a few to be found on frozen foods, baby bath products and in the juice aisle. I'm sure there were more but Ocean kept trying to break into his "potty treats" (yogurt covered raisins from the bulk bins) and we had to get out of there quickly.

As I was checking out I noticed a stack of coupon books by the register. The cashier threw a couple of them in my bag and there are some pretty good $/$$ coupons as well as coupons for free "when you buy" products (like a free pound of potato salad when you spend $25... stuff like that). I would consider them really good coupons if you shop at WF anyway... if not you may not find much use for them.

If you're in the Ann Arbor area in the next day or so head over that way. It's a nicely laid-out store and it's worth the trip for the free shopping bag and delicious samples (plus parking is a lot better than the store on Washtenaw... *shudder*).


Carrie said...

wow, Whole Foods on an ordinary day has a lot of free samples, so i can't imagine how great it would be at a grand opening. fun! i wonder if those coupon books are at all stores or just new ones.

CB said...

The coupons said they are only valid at this location. Boo... but I'm going to start poking around a little more every time I'm in there. Somehow I want to check my frugality at the door of Whole Foods but oh no, not anymore. I've been enlightened... =)