Saturday, October 18, 2008

CVS 10/19

There are lots of freebies this week at CVS! A good week to start earning ECBs, or to roll 'em if you got 'em. Here are the highlights:

Sunday and Monday only:
Pumpkin pails for trick-or treating- .99 (earns .99 ECB)- limit 2
Funlight (a little flashlight)- .99 (earns .99 ECB)- limit 2

All week:
Butler GUM toothbrush 2-packs (adult and kids)- 3.99 (earns 3.99 ECB)- limit 5 (*There are .75/1 coupons from the 8/2 paper which would give you overage*)
Powerade- 1.69 (earns 1.69 ECB)- limit 1
Just For Men Touch of Gray- 7.99 (earns 7.99 ECB) (Print this coupon for a $2 overage)
Baby stuff deal

Other deals of note:
CVS Earth Essentials 12-roll 100% recycled toilet paper- 4.99
Tom's of Maine toothpaste or deodorant- 3.49

If this is your first week getting started here's an easy scenario:

(1) Just For Men Touch of Gray.
Use the $2/1 coupon
Your total will be 5.99 + tax. Pay this out of pocket, earn 7.99 ECBs to be used next week.

Here's a scenario for free recycled toilet paper for anyone who has ECBs, GUM coupons and a $3/$15:

(1) GUM toothbrush 2-pack @ 3.99
(1) CVS Earth Essentials TP @ 4.99
(1) Just For Men @ 7.99

$2/1 Just For Men
.75 GUM

Pay with 11 ECB, .22 OOP + tax, earn 11.98 ECBs.


Becky said...

I scored the free pumpkin pails today. Somehow I just loved walking out with those.

And I LOVE your new header!

CB said...

Thanks, Becky! I am completely addicted to Scrapblog... thanks for the tip. ;)

I was pretty bummed that they were already out of the pumpkin pails by the time I got to my CVS yesterday (I usually go before church but my littlest was sick so I didn't get out until the afternoon). But I did the diaper deal and got some funlights. Fun, indeed!