Thursday, October 2, 2008

Meijer Trippin'

This week's grocery run:

(3) lbs. bananas
(1) loaf of bread- FREE
(1) organic vegetable broth
(1) dozen cage-free eggs
(3) Ronzoni pasta- FREE
(2) organic salad dressing
(1) 4-pack organic stick butter
(6) Mott's Natural 100% juice
(4) Skippy Natural peanut butter
(2) salsa
(2) organic milk half gallons
(2) YoBaby organic yogurt 6-packs
(1) 180-count dye-free/fragrance-free dryer sheets

Total out of pocket- $39.56
Total savings- $38.79

We also got some veggies from a friend (If anyone has a good vegetarian stuffed bok choy recipe I would be eternally grateful.) Therefore, we cancelled our weekly veggie box. With today's K-Mart binge I'm just under budget for the week. Hooray!

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