Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Super Doubles Haul

Okay, so all-in-all it wasn't a bad run. They had virtually no environmentally responsible or healthy/organic products that would have worked so I made do. The cashier, who was sweet as pie, was untrained on the register so a manager was helping her ring us up. They were both amazingly patient and accommodating. My poor cashier was having a difficult time and even with me handing her coupons just 3 at a time they somehow missed (4) $1 coupons ($8!) so I will be calling customer service later on to see if there's anything they can do about that. I would have taken care of it immediately but one of my kids smelled like poop and the other was literally banging their head into the shopping cart and screaming bloody murder. Awesome.

So here's what I got. The first list is my Donates (going to the single moms ministry at my church):

(3) Pert Plus - FREE
(3) Sunsilk shampoo- FREE
(3) Gillette shampoo- FREE
(3) Suave deodorant- .29/each
(1) Sure deodorant- .29
(1) Advil PM- .79
(1) Purex fabric softener- 1.29
(2) 10-packs disposable razors- .99/each
TOTAL: $5.22 + tax

Here's the stuff I got for us:

(3) Tide Free and Clear- $3/each
(1) 10-pack disposable razors- .99
(3) Puffs To Go packs- .58
(1) Cascade Complete- 1.99
(4) Kotex pads- should have been 1.49/each (these were the missed Qs)
(1) Kotex lightdays- FREE
(1) Oral-B toothbrush- FREE
(1) Revlon nail clipper- .49
(2) Johnson's First Aid Gauze- FREE
(1) Advil PM- .79
(1) Tylenol PM- .79
(1) Tylenol Simply Sleep- .99
...and the one thing missing from this photo was already partially consumed so it got left out:
(1) Dove Dark Chocolate candy bar 3-pack- .29
TOTAL: should have been $21.87, but with the missed coupons was $29.87 + tax

I just remembered I also grabbed a rebate slip for the Kotex. I'm not sure how much it was for but I'll have to dig it out of my bottomless purse and take a look at it.

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