Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Philantro-Free Wednesday

Here are your best bets this week for donate-able items, $1 and under. I will list by store.

Jello (Use Mejer Mealbox coupon for $1.50 off two. They are priced at under a dollar each, making it FREE.)
Hunt's Manwich Sloppy Joe- .99 each. Buy 3 and get a free 8-pack of Aunt Millie's Honey Hamburger Buns.
Bush's Baked beans- .80
Lipton Rice/Noodle sides- 1.00
Progresso Soups- 1.25 (Use .25/1 or .50/2 coupons from recent papers to get these for .75 each after doubling.)
Nissen Top Ramen is 7/$1

Annie's Macaroni and Cheese- 1.00
Kroger Toaster Pastries- 1.00
Kroger Peanut Butter- 1.00
Kroger Fruit snacks- 1.00
Hunt's pudding Snack Pack- 1.00
Pepperidge Farm goldfish- 1.00
Betty Crocker Brownie mix- 1.00
Hamburger Helper- 1.00 (Use the .75/3 from recent papers to get them for .75 each)
Campbell's Soup Healthy Request- 1.00 (Use the .40/2 coupon to get these for .60 each)
Celestial Seasonings Tea, 20 ct.- 1.00 (Use $1/1 from 10/5 paper to get it FREE)
Brut deodorant- 1.00 (Use the $1/1 from 9/21 to get this FREE)
Scotch Brite Nailsaver sponge- 1.00 (Use this coupon to get it FREE)
Aquafresh Toothpaste- 1.00 (Use this coupon to get it FREE)
Reach Advanced Design Toothbrush- 1.00 (Use the Buy one get one coupon from 10/12 to get these for .50 each)

Whole Foods
Muir Glen organic tomato sauce- .99 (Click on my link to the left to print a coupon for 1.00 off, making it FREE. You can print twice.)

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