Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Have I raved enough about my weekly produce delivery? Since we eat a plant-based diet it's awesome not having to think at all about working organic produce into the food budget. Every week I pay $23, select my produce online and it is delivered to my doorstep on Tuesday. This week's delivery included:

(5) plums
(1) head of lettuce
(3) oranges
(5) bananas
(4) potatoes
(1) eggplant
(2) heads broccoli
(2) avocados

All organic of course, and all delectable.


Steph said...

cb, i'm so glad you posted about this. i was looking at door to door as well, but i heard that the quality wasn't good. how long have you done it and have you had any problems with quality?

CB said...

We've been using them for about 6 months. The quality isn't as awesome as Whole Foods but I've found it's much better than the organic selection at Meijer or Kroger and everything always tastes great.

I had an issue with bananas once. They looked fine but when I peeled them they were brown. I emailed immediately and they offered to credit me the cost of them or replace them the following week. So I made some banana bread and got free replacements. =)

Other than that I've had no problems. I always make sure to leave a cooler outside if I'm not home when it's dropped off so I know quality won't be compromised.