Thursday, November 20, 2008

Any interest in getting together?

For any of you in/around the Ann Arbor area, would you be interested in getting together for a coupon class/ CVS intro/ coupon trade? I know there are a lot of people just getting started and others who are seasoned veterans but I figured I'd throw it out there and see what the interest level is. I'm also going to email some folks who I know are wanting to get started with the couponing thing but aren't sure where to start. I thought if we had enough people we could make an evening of it.

Leave me a comment or email me if you'd be up for it!


Lindsey said...
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Lindsey said...


manders said...

Cassie I wish I lived closer I would totally get in the coupon trading and deal getting with you!

On a side note, have you ever gotten the discount on ebay? I found this and thought you might be in the market to buy something w/ buy it now and save 25% ;-) Christmas time is near! ;-)
This dude's blog kinda helps.. I haven't done it yet but I plan to!

JLO-Jessica said...

me me me :)

amy said...

yes yes yes - (: