Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I've been holding out.

My hype-man is here to get you amped for what I'm about to tell you. On my super-successful CVS run this week I stumbled across pure gold, my friends. A tearpad with the coveted $3/$15 coupons. I was not greedy so as not to upset the deal gods, but I did grab enough to get me through the month, and also enough to give away a couple of them to my reader-friends.

Leave me a comment and tell me one change you've made in your daily life or routine to be more green. I'll choose a random number by 8pm EST on Friday and the winner will receive a $3/$15 as well as some awesome coupons for natural products.

Ready, Set.... GO.


Phil said...

I dominate water out of a large mouth mason jar (formerly known as canned tomatoes container) all day long...even while I facilitate my work meetings. I also shot that video of Ocean. Is this one of those deals that family members can't apply to win?....Snap...I bet it is.

Bren said...

A tearpad? They've gone nuts!

Um, I don't use pesticides or herbicides on our lawn or our veggie garden. Oh, wait. That's because I'm lazy. I don't use commercial cleaners. Oh, wait, that's because I'm cheap. I don't drive a humvee?

Probably the biggest change for a cheapo like me is that now that I have some wiggle room in the budget I'm actually buying sometimes based on company ethics or environmental impact rather than on cost alone. That's an effort for someone like me.

Cassie, you wouldn't happen to need about a billion 7th generation $1 coupons, would you?

Phil said...

By the way, I dominated pulling coupons this morning at kroger for you...does this count as flowers?

Candice said...

Wow, how can you say no to that pitch-man?!! What a hit with the ladies! :) And what a great hubby, pulling coupons!

Candice said...

Oh, we were supposed to tell you green changes....mine is definetely water bottles...we were going through a 24 pack a week. Now we have a Brita pitcher, and I bought 3 reusable plastic water bottles. And, I as well love the recycle-friendly stores that let you donate your plastic bags back!

Becky said...

Wow, I thought such tales were only myths and legends! Tearpads, sighted!

I changed all our bulbs to CFL bulbs, but I think the change that's made the most difference, in our budget at least, and this is going to sound weird--I shower way less. Like, twice a week. I know that sounds crazy, but I promise I don't stink!

You see, here in Atlanta we had a terrible drought all summer, and it's still ongoing, and I just decided to start stretching out the time between showers. And I just didn't really notice any difference, and the hubs didn't complain. Our water bill is noticeably lower. Also, I only wash my hair one of those times.

Becky said...

And oh my lord he is adorable!

Cassie said...

Coupons for everyone! Well, everyone but Phil.

Candice, yours is the only address I don't have. Email me at cassiebrabbs at gmail dot com.

Becky, I'm right there with you on the showering thing. It started with a lack of time after baby #2. (Shower or eat? Eat. Shower or sleep? Sleep.) But then I started noticing how much healthier my skin and hair looked. The added bonus is the environmental and economic factor. (And thanks for the compliments on my little guy. He's a hoot.)