Saturday, January 31, 2009


Back to CVS tonight. The Fusion Gamer razors were finally in stock and I also had more Gillette shampoo coupons, as well as a $5/$30 that I got in by inbox. (Hooray!) So here it is:

(3) Gillette shampoo/conditioner @ 4.99 each, used 2.00/1 coupons, earned 3 ECBs each
(2) Fusion Gamer razors @ 7.99 each, used 4.00/1, earned 4 ECBs each

Used 5/30 + coupons
Paid with 11 ECBs, 1.85 out of pocket, earned back 17 ECBs.


Jessica said...

did you also have a $/$$ or something?

Cassie said...

Oh, oops... yep. I got a 5/30 emailed to me. Forgot about that. Thanks for catching it! Off to edit.