Sunday, January 11, 2009

Intro and Meijer this coming week (beginning 1/11)

I'm Jessica, a coupon newbie, but loving it and getting better every day--we are trying to decrease our grocery budget by nearly 50% compared to last year and I'm getting there--I used to spend $100-120/week despite doing the right things by meal planning, buying in bulk and sale shopping, but now stock-piling and couponing are really making all the difference--we're hovering around $60-80 per week most of the time, including the $1-3/week it takes to buy coupons (I saved $20 in coupons alone this trip).  It's become a fun hobby as well.  Anyway, Cassie invited me to post, and I came across some great deals at Meijer today (after my third trip in 2 days to CVS for more soy joy and free wipes!), so I thought I'd share them.  

Here goes:
-Chex mix marked $1--FREE after $0.50 coupon doubles (saving for my kiddo's 3rd birthday party)
-Kellogg's plain Special K waffles (10ct) are ringing up at $0.69, not marked this way--FREE after $0.75 coupon (I found this deal on's meijer forum last night)

-Skippy Natural PB is 3/$5 (usually about $2.80 each at my store)--a $0.40 coupon doubles, making these $0.87 each--great price for stocking up!
-Bisquick Heart Smart (no transfat) mix is priced at $1.99--use a coupon (I had a $0.60 off and a $1 off coupon, so I bought 2!) for a great price as these are usually>$3 each and great for quick fixes and easy pancakes/waffles
-Yoplait Kids yogurts and smoothies are $2 for a 6-pack, use coupons from last Sunday's paper to get them for $1 each (no HFCS)
-Nature Valley bars are $2/box on sale-->$1/box after sale + coupon from last Sunday's paper
-General Mills cereals are $2/box--I got 4 boxes for $6 after my coupons (Total and multi-grain Cheerios! our faves!)  also I got a catalina (not sure what triggered it) for $2 off 5 boxes of any GM cereal, so I may go back and repeat this later this week to stock up.
-Meijer all natural pasta sauce for $1/1 sale price (great for Cassie's crockpot lasagna recipe that we'll be having later this week)
-Avocadoes $1/1
-Bagged Dole lettuce $1/1
-Green Giant boxed frozen veggies are $1/1--but $1/2 after coupon
-Softsoap is $1 on sale, but $0.30 after a $0.35 coupon doubles (I passed on this deal, but thought I'd share)
-There are some nice items for donations as well, like Tuna/Hambuger Helper and ChefBoyardee Ravioli after sale and coupon--as well as Meijer brand big tomato cans.

A big week for stocking up and I'll go back later in the week for more cereal, peanut butter, and Nature Valley bars, my coupons are begging to leave my binder this week! I spent $62, saved $64....not bad, for a novice.

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