Friday, January 16, 2009

Surprises at Meijer

When I was cruising through Meijer earlier this week I noticed an endcap in the freezer section with Green Giant Steamers marked at 1.00. Since I found two more Skippy coupons that I wanted to use up I headed back tonight in order to investigate more thoroughly.

Sure enough, Steamers are free after the .50/1 coupon from 1/4 doubles. I had to do 4 separate transactions since only two like coupons will double per transaction, but I ended up getting all of this for a song:

(7) Steamers- FREE
(2) Yoplait Kids Yogurt (I didn't know these were HFCS-free... thanks, Jessica!)- 1.00 each after .50/1 coupons from 1/4
(2) Skippy- .54 each after .40/1 coupons

Total spent: 3.08
Total saved: 20.61

I plan to run by again tomorrow because Huggies wipes are on sale for 2 bucks and those .50 coupons from last week are burning a hole in my binder. It's hard to beat a dollar for wipes.

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