Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Grrrr. (or "How Whole Foods screwed me out of $5")

Good news: Whole Foods takes competitor's coupons.
Bad news: According to the manager at the Cranbrook location, $/$$ coupons can only be used after all other coupons have been applied. This is contrary to every other couponing experience I have had there up to this point, so I plan to email corporate to get their policy in writing. Anyway, this should have cost me $5 less than it did (and probably more since I specifically got this total to $50 just so I could use a $10/$50.) Anyway, here are the best deals I found:

(2) milk @ 3.99 each
(1) Organic Valley soy milk @ 3.00 ($2 after coupon, see below)
(1) OV half and half @ 1.69, used 2.00/2 OV (.69 after coupon)
(2) Organic Valley raw cheese @ 3.99 (used 2.00/2 OV to get them for 2.99 each)
(1) Ian's organic french bread pizza @ 4.39, used 1.00/1 from Mambo Sprouts to get it for 3.39
(1) WF 365 spinach & feta pizza @ 4.00, used 1.00/1 Whole Deal coupon ($3 for a frozen pizza!)
(2) Lightlife sandwich slices @ 2.39, used 1.00/1 to get each for 1.39
(1) 7th Generation laundry detergent @ 7.99, used 1.00/1 from website to get it for 6.99
(2) all juice popsicles @ .99 each (normally 3.69 each)
(2) Back to Nature mac and cheese @ 1.69, used .70/1 (this is the every day price; under a dollar for mac and cheese works for me)
(2) Wolfgang Puck tomato soup @ 2.00 each, used 1.00/1 to get them for a dollar each

Total before coupons but after sales: 51.35
Total after coupons: 33.95

Thankfully I was able to use a $5/$25 after all of my coupons were scanned. I was happy for the extra savings, but a little bummed out since I had initially planned on spending just under $29.

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