Monday, February 9, 2009

Meijer this week- lots of goodies!

I ran to Meijer last night to buy two newspapers and as I was at the U-Scan I noticed a bunch of catalinas coming out of the machine behind me. I asked the guys who just walked up if they minded me grabbing them and they said no. I ended up getting:
$4/$30 purchase
$1.50/any Meijer Organics item
$1/$5 dairy purchase
$1/5 frozen foods purchase

So this evening my 3 year old and I went back to score some deals.

(1) Organic vegetable broth, .49 after 1.50/1 cat
(1) Organic eggs @ 2.67 after .50/1
(1) Melita coffee filter @ .49 after Mealbox coupon
(4) Sargento string cheese @ 2.09 after .55/1 coupon
(1) Danactive @ 1.00 after 1.00/1
(1) Eight o'clock coffee @ 3.29 after 1.00/1
(2) Chex mix- FREE after .50/1
(1) Betty Crocker frosting- FREE after .50/1
(2) Skippy natural PB @ .45 after .40/1
(6) Thomas english muffins- .25 each after 3.00/3 peelie (check the packages at your store!)
(1) Cascadian Farms organic granola bars @ 1.00 after 1.00/1
(1) chili beans, clearanced to .44
(1) organic peas, clearanced to .55
I also got the following to donate:
(2) Oral-B toothbrushes @ 1.00 each after 1.00/2
(2) Softsoap @ .29 each after .35/1
(2) Suave deodorant @ .79 each after .50/1
and I meant to grab two Herbal Essences, but realized once I got home that I accidentally bought the Meijer brand. I checked my receipt and interestingly my 3.00/2 coupon came off my total... I imagine the cashier must have pushed it through without either of us noticing. So I was supposed to pay a dollar each but ended up paying only .49 each. I was going to take them back but I think that will be a logistical nightmare with the coupon situation so I'll just chalk it up to good coupon karma for passing along my second Betty Crocker frosting coupon to the college girls buying butter cream frosting for their friend's birthday cake. Let them eat cake, indeed... with free frosting!

Total spent: 21.51
Total saved: 70.01 (Didja get that?! $20 for $90 worth of groceries!)

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Lindsey said...

I had an awesome day at Meijer also! I rarely can save more than I spend, but I'm getting there. Before coupons my total was $124.00 and after it was $78.00(the Meijer savings at the top of my recipt said $88, highest i have ever seen!) I saw another shopper with a binder and explained couponing to 2 others. My shopping trip took almost 2 1/2 hrs but it was worth it! If you buy 2-2lb bag of Uncle Bens brown rice (use 1.00 off q) you get 1.50 cat and a 1.00 cat when you buy 2 ziplock containers (use .55 q for each)