Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rite Aid

I'm planning to try my hand at Rite Aid for the VERY FIRST TIME tomorrow. Here's my plan:

(10) SoyJoy bars @ 10/$5, use $3/10
(1) Garnier shampoo @ 2.99, use 1.00/1
(2) Kotex tampons @ 3.00, use (2) .75/1
(1) Luvs mega @ 9.99

After the $5/$20 and single check rebate I'll end up spending 3.49 plus tax.

I'll let you know how it goes.


Jen Holt said...

fyi: i know you are in the AA area...but i was at pack/platt wed. and they didnt have any soy joy or sad! i hope you find better luck

ps. thanks for your blog, i love the local tips :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Cassie~ How long does it take to get the single check rebate? Is it instant or do you have to wait like the Wags rebates?

By the way, I went to CVS again last night and they had boxes of
J&J first aid adhesive pads + neosporin 5ct with $2 peelies on the packages plus $3 ecb's, making for some free first aid gear! I think that is a monthly deal.

Cassie said...

Thanks, Jen! I was trying to decide whether to try that R-A or the one at Westgate... Westgate it is! I'll let you know what I find.

Jill, it's not instant... not sure exactly how long it takes. Once I find out I'll post. Good to know about CVS! I'll have to check mine again. It's been a while since I've perused. =) Hey, did you make it to K-Mart doubles??

Anonymous said...

I drove to Jackson and hit their Kmart. It was just ok. 2 transactions: 1st $80 for $22 and 2nd $77 for $8.xx. I've done better in A2. But I can't complain I got loads of donation stuff for free.

I will say this, the Meijer on Michigan Ave exit in Jackson is wonderful! Clean, stocked & loaded with clearance :)

:) said...

The Rite Aid SCR checks came to me within 2-3 weeks--I waited until the end of the month to submit my rebates. i did the kimberly clark deal last month that gave a $10 gift card back and it just came last week as well

Rktglf said...

Hi there, I know this is kind of random..having never met you. I know phil from way college. I played golf for UT and met him at an AIA conference. I have been following your blog on couponing ever since he put it up on his facebook! I'm starting to get into it...binder and all. haha just not so good at using them yet. i guess I just wanted to let you know I was out there..haha and thanks for all your posts of updates. I was also wondering how you make your headers for your blogs?
thanks again

Cassie said...

Good to know, Jessica, thanks! (And good to see you here.) =)

Stefanie, I'm glad you're following along! Where do you live now? I use to make my headers. Be careful... it's really addicting. =)

Rktglf said...

I live in cincy now. was down in florida for years after school...why i left the warmth, not sure! haha but i'm back in ohio. I missed the "mid west" me crazy! But i'm back in cincinnati where i'm from, living with my parents and saving money so i can move out and stay moved out! i'm a golf pro at a course down here, so summers it keeps me pretty busy. Winter I have tons of time to do all this stuff, so i'm trying to get the hang of it while I still have free time. Your children by the way are adorable!! tell Phil I said hi!-he used to play football with a friend of mine from gradeschool. My uncle actually used to work for Michigan..he ran their foundation, was the one behind the $3.2 billion they just raised for michigans scholarships and stuff. He's now at Michigan state trying to do the same thing!

i'll get the hang of this thing yet! thanks for all your good advice!

Lindsey said...

had to vent...CVS BAD GUY(store manager) vs ME (and my couponing binder)!!

1. my new(and never again) CVS was out of travel size ACT mouthwash for the freebie this week. Asked the store manager, he went in the back and comes back to tell me "there is too much seasonal stuff in the way." i was ok, but a little put off...CUSTOMER SERVICE BUDDY!!

2. at checkout i had carnation (4.99/4.99ecbs and -$1q; money maker!) and a rain check for last weeks Neutrogena face wash bars(2@2.99/10ecbs). $4.xx OOP and get $15ecbs.

so the check out guy(the store manager again) wasnt going to except the rain check! He went into the office and got last weeks ads and looked thru them and couldnt find it.... i was like i have no idea where it is, your employee wrote the rain check, its not my problem! After a sales girl came thru and told him that it was true it finally went through. he tells me “next time we wont except these, and I will tell my employees” I was beyond words at this point.

3. next trans was 4 clean and clear face washes; 3@3.99 and 1 @ 4.99 ($15, get $5ecbs) I had 4 $2 off q’s that I had printed from the website and 5 ecbs from previous trans….so it was a great deal. He scanned and I handed him my q’s…he tells me “I cant take these they have been copied” I was like OH NO YOU DIDN’T...i may be cheap but I don’t mess with my coupons!! He looks at the bottom bar code and goes they all have the same number…I looked at the bar code at the top, were they were all DIFFERENT numbers and showed him….HA! I told him to try it….and of course they all went through.

He then tells me before we leave, “next time you wont be able to use those and I will tell all of my employees!” then he started lecturing me (in a condescending tone none-the-less) on coupon usage…OH I ABOUT HIT THE ROOF…I pulled out my binder and he pretty much stopped talking…SERIOUSLY! YOU are going to tell ME about coupons…I don’t think so!!

Needless to say that is the last time I will be visiting that CVS…now I just have to decide whether or not top write the company about it…but is there really anything wrong???

Sorry for the novel but hubby just didn’t get it, lol. He was a really trooper bc he went w/me @630am this morning, and bless his heart, he tried to step in to help…love that man! But it just didn’t effect him the same way…..

Lindsey said...

p.s. we spent 30 blessed minutes at the check out counter... left the house at 6:40 didnt get home until 8:20am!!

Cassie said...

Lindsey... whoa. I know you didn't ask for advice, but if that happened to me I'd definitely call customer service and tell them what happened. I also wouldn't let them intimidate me into not coming back. But that's just me. ;) Please keep me updated on what you decide to do.

Lindsey said...

Some good news from the my heated search for a new CVS i found one next to my work with untapped resources. it is a plethora of yellow tags and fully stocked shelves!! i was there at 4pm on a sunday, the first day of the month and ALL of the money makers were fully stocked...i kid you not!! It is huge...the old one with the disgruntled employee didnt even have the magic box that prints coupons!! OH HAPPY DAY!!

Cassie said...

See? Good things happen to good people. =) (I would still call corporate on that other guy, though... and now that you've found a new watering hole maybe write a letter to the other store saying that you won't be shopping there anymore.)