Friday, February 20, 2009

Whole Foods: Seventh Generation diapers & wipes

Seventh Generation diapers and wipes are on sale at Whole Foods this week (sales week goes from Wed. - Tues.). If you haven't already, go here and sign up to print two 2.00/1 coupons for any 7th Gen baby product. Diapers I think were running about $11 and the small packs of wipes were just under $3. Use 2 coupons to get 2 small packs of wipes for about .70 each, or two jumbo packs of diapers for under $10 apiece.

Also, remember that WF offers a 10% case discount which I assume would be on top of the sale price (someone correct me if I'm wrong) so with the coupons this could be a really decent deal if you're in the market for chlorine-free diapers or wipes.

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The 313 said...

oh hooray! thanks for posting this! i love their wipes!!