Saturday, May 23, 2009

CVS memorial day freebies

lots of freebies Sunday and Monday only--happily, CVS sent me a 4/20 Q in my email so I have my scenario planned out -- i intend to buy the limit of each of the freebies (I will not reinvent the wheel but check out for the list or melissa's bargain blog for transaction scenarios)-totalling $24.93 use a 4/20 from my email and $6 worth of mfQs for a total of $14.93 + tax--I will put this on a gift card and get back $19.98 in ECBs.  cool.

meijer's got some nice deals with coupon match-ups this week too--I'll post what I see later (everyone's sleeping, so I should be too, but I had waaay too much caffeine today, so I'm up pumping a cafe au lait for my babe).

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