Monday, June 22, 2009

Cheap TP at Meijer

Guys, this is a HOT deal on toilet paper since the free Cottonelle at Kroger is no more. Quilted Northern 6-double roll packs are on sale for 2.50, normally like four-something. But wait... there's more. Go to Meijer Mealbox to print a 1.00/1 coupon, which will make it just 1.50 for six big rolls of TP! That's just .25 per roll, and they're twice the size of regular rolls which makes this an awesome buy.

You can print as many coupons as you want, and purchase as many as you want per transaction. If your Meijer is out of stock make sure to get a rain check.


Jessica said...

more awesome deals:

--Skippy PB--$4/5 before coupon--if you buy 2, you'll get $1 off OYNO catalina--i think that's free if i'm reading this correctly (nevermind that I used all my Qs at Target on their sale last week b/c I was fearful this Q would expire before Meijer would sale it again)--I still have 4 left, but really, there's a large hole in the wall where I've been banging my head.

--Kraft Naturals deal still going on--if you have $0.50 Qs (like me!!!!)--you can get 3 packs for $0.50--buy them in groups of 3 packs a piece and use the catalinas for the next order....starting with the catalinas left over from last week (got 12 packs of cheese for$2!)

--good week to stock up on these staples!
Thanks for the headsup on the TP. slickdeals has a PDF page of the mealbox Q, so it prints 8 per page.

Jessica said...

and also, I cannot STAND single rolls of TP, so I am so happy for a good deal on double rolls. I have a hard time getting the singles even when they're free-they seem like such a waste of packaging.

Cassie said...

Where on earth did you get .50 Kraft coupons?! I'm soooo jealous...

Great to know about the Skippy also; I only have two of those coupons left but my pantry is full of Skippy Natural PB from the last Skippy deal.

Personal note Jess, I want to get over to see you soon but Phil and the kids have been sick and I'm not bringing germs anywhere near your house. I miss you!

Jessica said...

e-bay auction--it was fierce--John snuck in and checked its status for me while I was nursing Nora, he came upstairs and said "good news and bad news. first the good news--you won the coupons. bad news---you have to pay $6 for them"

There were only 20 Qs (from some type of tearpad), they don't scan so they must be out of area. and $6 was way over my maximum, but John's competitiveness took over---I told him he's lucky that this cat deal is going on--it more than makes up for it. It was just seredipity that this cat deal was going on the week after I found these Qs.

Miss you too! and your munchkins! once you're healthy--come over and bring the kiddos to play!