Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good deals this week

Santa Cruz lemonade (including mango lemonade and strawberry lemonade) is 4/$5. Use the .75/1 from the Go Organic booklet (found at Kroger in the natural foods section) to get them for .50 each.

Kashi frozen meals are 3.00. There are Kashi coupon booklets out and peelies on cereal boxes for 1.00/any frozen Kashi item, making these $2 apiece.

Aunt Millie's bread is .88! Use the .35/1 from a few weeks ago to get it for 18 cents.

Various Kashi cereal is on sale for 2.50 and there are many Kashi cereal coupons out that would make this a good deal.

Seventh Generation products are 10% off, which isn't super great, but there are printable coupons available as well as 1.00/2 coupons in the Go Organic booklet found at Kroger which could mean cheap dish soap if nothing else.

A lot of other green cleaning products are on sale this week, including Method and Greenworks.

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