Sunday, July 12, 2009

CVS score.

You can see from this picture that we were in dire straits over here with respect to our diaper situation. I tried to cover the ripped-into packaging with the Fusion razor but I think you can tell that I didn't do that good of a job.

(1) Huggies @ 8.99, used 1.50.1
(2) glue @ .99 each, earned 1.98 ECBs
(2) rulers @ .99 each, earned 1.98 ECBs
(2) notebooks @ .99 each, earned 1.98 ECBs
(2) Bic pens @ .99 each, earned 1.98 ECBs
(2) scissors @ 2.99 each, earned 5.98 ECBs
(1) Fusion razor @ 7.99, used 4.00/1, earned 4 ECBs
(1) tiny shaving cream @ .99, because you can't bring any human-sized toiletries on a plane anymore. They must be elfin-sized now.

Paid with 24.50 ECBs, paid 2.43 oop, got back 17.90 in ECBs


tiffany said...

i have an urgent couponing question.i have 4 of those peelies that i got off of jack-daniel's marinade bags at kroger. they are for a dollar off any fresh meat purchase. do you think i can use them all at the same time? and do i have to use them at kroger?

Jill said...

Tiffany~ I'll try to help. I'm guessing that you'd be able to use all 4 coupons in the same transaction. Unless the coupon specifies otherwise, or if it says that only one coupon can be used per cut of meat. You can use the coupon anywhere coupons are accepted as long as it's a manufacturer's coupon.

I hope it works for you & you score some cheap meat!