Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fruits and veggies

Our weekly Door To Door Organics delivery consisted of the following organic produce:

(3) bananas
(2) avocados
(1) lb. strawberries
(2) valencia oranges
(1) mango
1.5 lbs. yellow squash
(1) green pepper

Total: 23.00

We also stopped at a produce stand yesterday and purchased:

(6) ears of locally grown corn
(2) peaches, which were not local but were promptly consumed by my children.

Total: 3.50

Total-total: 26.50


sundanzkid80 said...

Yum, ours was similar minus yellow squash and Mango. :) Thanks for the recommendation.

Cassie said...

Sure thing! I'm glad you're enjoying it.