Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Meijer Deals

This week seems to be a great week to hit Meijer! Between the 10/10=11 deals and the Huggies deal I was able to stock our pantry, donate a big bag to the food pantry and grab two packages of diapers for under $27!! Our grocery bill (without diapers) for the week was $8.86!! Yipee! Maybe I'll post our menu so you can see that we aren't living on ramen noodles :)

Here is the deal for huggies: If you buy $10 worth of Huggies, Kleenex, Cottonelle or Scott paper products (any combination), you instantly get $10 off 3 pkgs of Fruit of the Loom Basics Tees, underwear or socks. Fruit of the Loom Basics are on sale for $3.99/6pk little boys socks. Adult socks are on sale too. I bought 1 pkg Huggies at 9.99+ 1 pkg Pull-Ups 10.99 (wish me luck~ we're potty training this week :)) + 3pkgs of socks =32.95 -$10instant rebate -$3MFC for huggies -$2MFC for pull ups =$17.95 for all that! Considering the socks alone were $11.97, I basically got 2 pkgs of diapers for $5.98. Plus with school starting in a month ~gasp!~ I got a head start on much needed new socks.....and maybe even a stocking stuffer :)

You could easily make this deal sweeter buy just purchasing the $9.99 diapers and a $1.29 mini package of huggies wipes + 3 packages of socks for a total of $10.25 after instant $10 rebate and $3MFC for diapers. That's what I call a good deal!!

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Cassie said...

Tell me more about your grocery purchases!