Saturday, August 8, 2009

cvs scenarios...(starting tomorrow)

These ideas include the 5/25 you can find here.  This coupon says "one per customer. one time use only" so make it count!  I bought an awful lot of $1/2 snickers Qs when I heard about the candy deal this week (sale for $1 for 2, buy $15 worth and get $5 ECBs, so with my Qs it's a $5 MM--the Qs were awfully expensive, but we will get reimbursed for the snickers as they are a fundraiser item for my husband's school group, so don't think I'm going to eat so many 150 snickers)

My scenario:
2 huggies @ $18 for 2 packs
30 snickers @ $1 for 2 = $15--total = $33 plus tax.
pay with 5/25, 15 x $1/2 snickers Q, 2 X $1.50/1 huggies Q = $ 10 OOP (will pay with ECBs, get back $9 in ECBs---$5 from the candy and $4 from the huggies) --not too early to start getting ready for halloween either!

Other options to combine with the huggies and the 5/25 include the contour meter if you have a Q to get another MM, Revlon Colorstay mineral Mousse makeup ($1MM after insert Q and ECBs)--thanks to iheartcvs for the headsup on the ad!

Update: great CVS run for me today! I started out with only $21 in ECBs.  I bought:
2 packs huggies = $18
1 bic soliel refill packs = $6.99
1 Neutrogena makeup = $9.99
1 Revlon colorstay = $9.99
120 candy bars, variety = $60
broke into 4 transactions.  paid with a 5/25, 4/20, 4/20 and $3 soliel Q from today's paper, $3 neutrogena Q, $3 worth of huggies mannys, $2 Huggies CVS Q, $1 Revlon Qs, $60 in candy Qs and tons of ECBs.  Paid $3.50 OOP total for all 4 transactions (on a gift card actually) and have more ECBs than when I started ($28).  The candy is in a box taped closed and hidden by my husband and the receipts are with them, so I can't get into the specifics, but the OOP was just over $3 for sure.    They are designated for fundraising for his school. To be honest, I paid $20 for the candy coupons, so even adding that in, it's a great deal, but I would never have any need for 120 candy bars, but they sure made the $/$$ Qs useful today.


Cassie said...

Jessica, I'm thoroughly impressed with the candy run. Nice work! What on earth did the cashier say?!

Jessica said...

actually, they were really positive--the first cashier was irritated at first, then she said "this is such an amazing deal, i can't even be mad at you!" there were 3 cashiers there and they all wanted in on how to buy the coupons. one of them said "good job--you're clearing out our candy!" (not in a snooty tone). actually, they were well stocked on the candy and there was plenty leftover. i was worried I'd have to go to multiple CVSs to get all that candy, plus there are other crazy coupon ladies in my area that usually get the goodies before me, but they didn't do the candy deal apparently since I didn't get to the store until 3pm and there was tons. I got a huge variety and it's a great thing that John packed them all up in a box and taped it closed with packing tape b/c I was really craving me some chocolate after all that :) I should've taken a picture.

Cassie said...

Hahaha! @ "I can't even be mad at you". I wish you had taken a picture! But I understand the needing to get it put away because, um, both my Snickers bars were gone before dinnertime yesterday.