Friday, October 24, 2008

Clearance deals at Target

The baby and I had a little bit of time to ourselves today. So we went to the Mothership: Target. I like to shop the perimeter at Target because the end caps have all the clearanced items. And I always like to take along my coupons just in case. Here were the most stellar finds today:

Seventh Generation has their liquid fabric softener clearanced at 15% off. It's 3.38... but if you go here and sign up you can print a $1 coupon for any SG laundry product. So that's 40 loads of eucalyptus-y lavendar goodness on your clothes for the bargain basement price of 2.38. You can't even get store brand fabric softener that cheap, and this is a LOT better for the environment (and for your family). Not to mention it smells like the spa. Ahhhhhh...

Quaker Simple Harvest granola bars were marked down to 2.48 a box. They have no trans-fat or high fructose corn syrup so you know that spells pure awesomeness in my book. Use $1/1 coupons from a recent paper to get them for 1.48 each.

Mrs. Meyers 64 oz. laundry detergent was also clearanced from $12 to just over 8 bucks. That's more than I will personally pay for laundry detergent but if you use the stuff that's a pretty good deal.

Here is something I stumbled across last week but it's still in effect so I wanted to share. Currently at Kroger stores there are coupon tear pads in the candy aisles for $1 off any Starbucks chocolate. I grabbed a few the last time I was there even though the Starbucks chocolate at Kroger was all way expensive. I just had a feeling they would pay off. I was right. Target currently has their single bars of dark chocolate clearanced to 1.08 each. Use the coupon and pay less than a dime. You can find them by the candy section on an end cap with other clearanced snacks, and/or in the check out lanes with the gum and other candy. If you can't find any of the marked down bars, the regular priced single bars are only 1.28; think stocking stuffers, people! .08-.28 for a bar of delicious dark chocolate is quite a steal.

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