Friday, October 24, 2008

Get paid to do your online shopping. No catch. No, really.

A friend told me about Ebates a few months ago and I was skeptical. It sounded too good to be true that I could earn money back for shopping online. But since I do virtually all of my shopping online these days I reluctantly signed up with my alternate email address and started poking around. I ended up making a purchase at Shutterfly, which I was going to do anyway, and instantly earned 8% back! That money goes into my Ebates account and they send me a check every 3 months. So far I've earned over $25, and I received a $10 Target gift card as a sign on bonus.

Right now Ebates is doing a $10 sign up bonus for anyone who uses this link and makes a purchase through Ebates before October 31. It really is risk-free; it's free to join and you don't have to buy anything other than what you would normally buy anyway. Each time you go to make a purchase online, just sign into your Ebates account and find the store you want to shop at. Link to that store through Ebates and your account will automatically be credited with a percentage of what you spend. Spend ten bucks on your first purchase and you'll earn that $10 sign on bonus, essentially paying for your purchase. Once you have over $5.01 in your account you will start getting checks sent to you every 3 months. Easy.

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