Thursday, October 23, 2008

Free Toilet Paper next week at Kroger

Here's how you can get 8 free rolls of TP at Kroger next week.

Cottonelle 4-roll packages are priced at .99 every day at Kroger.

There will be a .25 coupon for Cottonelle in Sunday's paper. That will double to .50 at most Kroger stores.
Then, go here to load a .50 coupon onto your Kroger card. Your savings will automatically be deducted from your card when you use it to shop. That equals a dollar. Free TP.

Now if you want another package for free, go here to print a coupon for .50 off Cottonelle. That will double, and you can get your second package for free.


Becky said...

Free TP! Is there anything better? Now, when I load a coupon onto my Kroger card, is it only good for one item, or is it like Walgreens where it works multiple times? I rarely go to Kroger for for this I will.

CB said...

It's only supposed to work once, but here's the thing... I used it yesterday (before I knew about this Sunday's coupon... DOH!) and it is not listed on my account as being redeemed yet, even though it definitely came off my total. Also, I just checked again and was able to load a second coupon onto my card. So now I have two .50 coupons! Who knows if they'll both work, but even if I end up paying .50 for two packs of TP that's pretty sweet.

If I had to only choose one item to get for free for the rest of my life, toilet paper it would be. Bar none.