Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who wants coooooooooupons?

I picked up an extra Whole Deal flyer at Whole Foods yesterday. It is just bursting with great coupons for natural and organic foods.

First person to comment on this post gets it.

Flattery might get it to you faster.


Rachel said...

You're my new hero. I told Phil I'm stalking you. And i bookmarked your blog. I'm totally hooked on coupons. I saved 41% the other day at King Soopers (Kroger in Colorado). I combined my newspaper clippings, store sales, and P&G e-coupons to make it happen. Good to know I can shop at Whole Foods and still make like a bandit. I'll have to look for their coupons the next time I'm there.
Have you noticed how the people in line behind you aren't the most thrilled when you pull out a stack of coupons? It makes me laugh knowing the joke's on them.

Rachel said...

PS. I just checked out Fantastic! Any websites that are must-sees?

CB said...

Hi Rachel! I love un-creepy blog stalkers. =)

Email me at cassiebrabbs (at) gmail (dot) com with your address and I'll send this coupon book to you. You should be able to use a lot of them at your Kroger-ish store.

People do sometimes get annoyed but usually my orders are twice as small as theirs; I figure it would take just as long to ring up more items. Plus it's hilarious to see and hear their reactions when they hear my new total after coupons. =)

Balazers said...

do you still have books left?? i'm getting into couponing too... at least attempting

CB said...

Yes, Linds... ask and you shall receive. =) It's on the way.

Balazers said...