Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Meijer surprises

A couple of deals I wasn't expecting to find at Meijer today...
Stoneyfield Farms milk and YoBaby yogurt are still on sale. ($3 each) Go to their website to find coupons.

While perusing with my Deal Radar (we'll just call it Dealdar) I found little booklets called "Meijer Healthy Living". Inside were a few coupons for good stuff. The bad news is, three of them were already expired because the booklet was marked as the July/August issue. The good news is, the coupon for R.W. Knudsen Just Juice doesn't expire until December, and the other good news is that I'm assuming there are September/October booklets floating around somewhere now. When I sniff those out I'll let you know where to find them. (I located these in the meat department of all places).

Also. Clorox Green Works is on sale for $2.50. When you buy any Green Works product you will get a coupon for .50 off Green Works dish soap. And I haven't tried it but I'm wondering if, when you buy the dish soap, you get another .50 coupon... could be an okay deal if you need eco-friendly dish soap.

OH, and I completely forgot to tell you that Band-Aids are free this week if you have the .50 coupon from the paper a few weeks ago. They are .99 and the coupon doubles. Hooray for free first aid kit supplies!

Now onto my shopping adventure. I'm glad it was a slow week for sales because I had a few things I needed to get so the lack of deals gave me some wiggle room in the budget for the things that *gasp* weren't on sale (the syrup, the hooks and the tortillas).

(My picture is missing my 4 lb. box of baking soda. Oops.)
(2) packages of BandAids- FREE
(1) dozen cage-free eggs
(1) tortillas
(1) maple syrup
(1) sour cream
(1) meijer naturals dish soap
(1) Green Works cleaner
(1) sliced cheese
(2) recycled bath tissue
(1) adhesive hooks

Total: 28.12
Total Saved: 14.04

I'm 1.64 over budget for the week, but not too bad considering I had to buy those stupid hooks for my wreaths. (And they didn't even work. Grrr.)


Steph said...

cb, have you picked up the latest mambo spouts booklet from whole foods? i picked up a few the last time i was there. some great coupons for cliff bars and back to nature, among other things. they're right by the check-out or by the allegro coffee stand (at the new whole foods).

CB said...

Sure did! I wrote about it here:

I was very pleasantly surprised to find them. Turns out WF is pretty coupon-friendly. =)