Friday, October 31, 2008

Whole Foods highlights

I just want to highlight a couple of deals at Whole Foods this week.

First is the Back To Nature deal I mentioned below. BTN macaroni and cheese is on sale for 1.25 each. In the Whole Deal flyer (available in the front of the store) there is a coupon for .70 off any BTN product, making this .55 each.

Next up is an interesting Seventh Generation find. There are hang tags on Seventh Generation laundry detergent for 1.00 off any SG product. The lowest priced item I could find was a single roll of toilet paper for just over a dollar. More interestingly, SG dish soap is on sale for 2.99, which means it would be 1.99 with the coupon.

Avocados are .99 each. My kids eat these like it's their J-O-B so a dollar is a great price for us.

And here's a tip since we're coming up on holiday baking season. I was reminded today that Whole Foods has those fabulous bulk bins with a wide variety of sensational seasonings. Instead of purchasing an entire bottle of that obscure spice that you need a tiny bit of to season your Thanksgiving pie, why not buy exactly the amount that you need from the bulk bins? You'll save both money and space in your spice rack.

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