Friday, October 31, 2008

Whole Foods this week

Whole Foods has an awe-inspiring marketing team. Their weekly sales ad is one page, front and back, and gives hardly any indication of what the specials are. They want you to come in and see what's on sale so you will buy more. Those cats are smart.

But I'm smarter.

Here's what I got for just under $20 and a fist full of coupons. All prices are before coupon but after sale:

(1) Rustic Pizza crust @ 3.99 (used 1/1 from Whole Deal flyer, henceforth WD)
(1) 4-pack organic valley milk @ 3.99 (used 1/1 from WD)
(1) Back to Nature mac and cheese @ 1.25 (used .70/1 from WD. Only .55!)
(1) locally produced organic half and half @ 1.99
(1) Knudsen organic grape juice @ 3.99 (used 1/1 from Meijer Naturals booklet found in seafood department)
(1) Organic Valley block cheese @ 3.50 (used 1/1 printable)
(1) Light Life veggie sausages @ 3.99 (used 1/1 from WD)
(2) half gallons of the best milk ever @ 3.99 each

I also used a $5/$30 coupon from my store's grand opening.

Total before coupons: 30.68
Total after coupons: 19.98

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Balazers said...

bowing down... truly... i'm totally in awe.