Monday, November 17, 2008

CVS yesterday

My day was nutso from start to finish yesterday and I somehow even forgot to buy newspapers until 6pm! Yikes! SO I don't have photos of my goodies from CVS but here's the scoop.

I woke up with a sore throat and decided to sleep a little bit instead of going straight to CVS (you know it's bad when I put off CVS). By the time my Cold MD started to kick in it was 2pm, it was crowded in there and I decided to just do the first two transactions in my plan and save the third for later in the week.

Everything went well with the first transaction. Then for the second, I had to buy an $8 Vickery and Clarke item since there were no $5 items. I went to pay with the 15 ECB from the battery deal and the 5 ECB from the Glade deal, figuring I'd make it up with more toothpaste moneymakers, but the 15 ECBs kept beeping and the system wouldn't accept it. In the mean time, the line was growing behind me and the people behind me were flirting with my baby and kept asking me questions about her, so somehow while I was distracted the manager had me pay $19.XX out of pocket, and then refunded it to me in cash afterwards. Huh?

Either way, it all worked out and I just have to make another trip later in the week to finish the Vickery and Clarke deal. Once I try the stuff I'll be sure to tell you all about it, my green goddesses.

PS: My cold never materialized and I'm operating at 98% today (it was a late night). Cold MD is the bomb.


Becky said...

It's like in Olympic figure skating--you turned a triple lutz into a double at the last minute. Still beautifully executed!

Cassie said...

Awww, shucks... *blush*

Lindsey said...

where at in the wine department? i looked today and last week and i cant find them. HELP PLEASE !!

Cassie said...

Sometimes you will find a tearpad but mostly you'll find them right on the bottles. Most will say "Wine purchase not required to redeem this coupon". Those are fair game. =) Check out more here:

I think the Meijer by us restocks their wine on Sunday afternoon so that seems to be the best time to go, before they get snatched up. =/