Thursday, January 1, 2009

Big moneymakers at CVS, and coupons. Lots of 'em.

Thanks to Jessica, I was tipped off to a great moneymaker this coming week at CVS. I've come up with a little scenario for anyone who wants to get started this week with the CVS game, or if you have ECBs sitting around.

(2) Children's Throat Cooler Ice Pops @ 4.99 each
(1) Nasogel Drip-free spray @ 7.99

Use the following coupons in this order:
Throat Coolers BOGO free
2.00/1 Nasogel

If you have ECBs:
Pay with 7, pay .98 + tax out of pocket and earn back 17.97 in ECBs
If you don't have ECBs:
Pay 7.98 + tax and earn 17.97 in ECBs.

This is a HUGE profit and rarely happens anymore with printable coupons and the $/$$, so if you want to get started this is your week.

In other news... in this Sunday's paper there are TONS of great coupons, including:
.50/1 Green Valley Steamers (these are often on sale for a dollar, which means they will be free after your coupon doubles)
2.50/1 Electrasol which means free or nearly free dishwasher detergent
.55/2 Mueller's pasta which will probably get you pasta at Meijer for less than .40 each
1.00/1 Colgate which is always good for free/moneymaker toothpaste at CVS
.75/1 Palmolive Pure and Clear dish soap
.50/1 Sargento cheese snack which will double for cheap cheese
.50/1 Nature Valley Granola Bars (you'll probably be able to get them for a dollar after sale and coupon)
a $30/1 and a $20/1 glucose monitor coupon which means eventual moneymakers at CVS
BOGO free Stayfree which just might mean free feminine products
1.00/2 Tropicana 64 oz. (hard to come by if you drink Tropicana)
and lots lots more.

So my plan at CVS is to use my overage from the above deal to get 6 newspapers, pay with 18 ECBs and about a dollar out of pocket. Even if you buy a paper or two using actual money, with the Electrasol coupon alone you'll make your money back and then some so it's worth the investment this week.

Thank you to Jessica, my CVS protege-turned-virtuoso, for the tip off on the CVS deals and for being so hard core.
Props to I Heart CVS for the coupon links.
Thanks as always to Taylortown Preview for the coupon list. (It took her 5 HOURS to type up the deals this week!)


Candice said...

Thanks so much for this Cassie! I just went and took advantage of the CVS scenario. Those ECBs plus the 9 that printed off from last quarter put me way ahead! :)

KellBell said...

I was excited to see a way to get started making ECBs again, but did I have to do that today? Or is it still possible for tomorrow?

Candice said...

It's a monthly deal....but the stores run out quick...I was there today again, and they were out of both products!!!

Becky said...

Thanks for this! I need to get back in the saddle.