Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Whole Deal

The new Whole Deal flyer and coupons are out at Whole Foods. The good news is there are some exciting, high-value coupons this quarter. The bad news is the coupons are no longer manufacturer Qs, they are now Whole Foods coupons. But I'm all about making lemonade from lemons (or non-toxic lemon-scented cleaners for that matter) so I spent some time in Whole Foods today looking for the best deals. Oh, the sacrifices I make...

First of all, you should be checking the Ann Arbor Observer for $/$$ coupons. This month there is a $10/$50 coupon on page 23. Those will save you lots of money, because you can use that coupon first, and then use any other coupons you have to bring your total down further. (Whole Foods sells A2 Observers, so I bought another one today for another coupon.)

The most exciting coupon/sale match-ups this week are:
Wolfgang Puck organic canned soups, 2/$5 (regularly 2.99). Use the 1.00/1 Whole Deal coupon to get each for 1.50.
Method Naked Wipes are on sale for 2.99, regularly 4.99. Use the 1.00/1 WD coupon to get them for 1.99 each.
Muir Glen diced tomatoes are 2/$3. Sign up here to print a 1.00/1 coupon which will get you a 15 oz. can for 50 cents. Also remember that the small cans of tomato sauce are .99 every day, so those are free after coupon.
Near East couscous is $2. Use the 1.00/3 WD coupon to get three for 1.67 each.
Back To Nature crackers are 2/$5. Use the .70/1 WD coupon to get them for 1.80 each. Or if your kids love mac and cheese as much as mine do, the BTN versions are regularly priced at 1.69 and 1.99; around a dollar for organic mac and cheese is very decent.

Here's an example scenario to show how easy it is to save money at Whole Foods just by doing match-ups.
(6) Method @ 2.99 each
(6) Wolfgang Puck soups @ 2.50 each
(5) BTN mac and cheese @ 1.69 each
(1) BTN crackers @ 2.50
(1) Muir Glen diced tomatoes @ 1.50
(3) Near East couscous @ 2.00 each

Total before coupons: 51.39

(6) 1.00/1 Method
(6) 1.00/1 Wolfgang Puck
(6) .70/1 Back to Nature
(1) 1.00/1 Muir Glen
(1) 1.00/3 Near East

Total after coupons: 23.19

These are all staples for us, so now is a great time to stock up the pantry. If anyone finds any other great deals this week, let me know!


Baby steps to where we want to be said...

just found this on diapperswappers this morning... the lady was there at @3:00 yesterday afternoon. I have NO CLUE where you live in comparison to this... but i thought it was worth telling you about!

I went into the local Goodwill today to see if there was anything good and MY OH MY! I found a whole bin of brand new with tags still attatched MERRELL hiking and athletic shoes for $10 a pair!!! I bought 3 pairs of them beause these are normally 80-100 dollars for 1 pair! My husband wears merrell dress shoes for work everyday and he spent nearly $90 on his at the Wolverine store. I'm soooo glad I stopped in! now i have a 3 new pairs that will last a LONG time! yippee!

oh, and if anyone was in the grand rapids area, they are at the Alpine Goodwill location! hurry though because there was only about 20 pair left when i was there!

Baby steps to where we want to be said...

oops just looking back... yes i know diaper is spelled with 1 p.... opps the joys of trying to feed eli and get this to you at the same time.

Cassie said...

Keely, thanks for passing this along! We're quite far from Grand Rapids but this would have been great! I forget to check DS for anything other than diaper deals.

I hope you guys are doing well! XO

Steph said...

not sure if you're a tazo tea fan, but this week, it's on sale for $2.99 at WF, with the $1 whole deal coupon, this comes to $1.99. Not bad considering they sell it for $4.95 at starbucks. (I LOVE tazo teas) We missed you at church yesterday. heard you were living it up. :)

Cassie said...

Steph, thanks for that! I somehow missed that deal.

And if by 'living it up' you mean sleeping because Phil made me stay at the bar too late the night before, then yes, I was definitely living it up. ;)