Friday, January 23, 2009

I love Kroger. Kroger's my favorite.

Kroger won my heart today. I was going to forego it altogether this week but I checked Hot Coupon World to see if I was missing anything and boy oh boy was I. They are having a promotion this week: Buy 10 selected items and get $5 off your order instantly at checkout. I knew about the deal, but there were some unadvertised products included that I didn't know about and for which I had coupons, which meant big savings (including a moneymaker!). You can do this deal up to three times per transaction. Here's what I bought:

(2) Juicy Juice @ 2.49, used .50/2 doubled (1.49 each after coupon/promo)
(2) Kleenex with lotion @ 1.79, used (2) .40/1 (.49 each after coupon/promo)
(6) Kraft chunk cheese @ 1.99, used .75/1 blinkie located next to the product (.74 each after coupon/promo)
(4) Kraft shreds @ 1.99, used .75/1 blinkie, located next to the product (.74 each after coupon/promo)
(4) Ken's salad dressing @ 1.99, used (2) 1.00/2 from 1/11 (.99 each after coupon/promo)
(2) Ro-Tel canned tomatoes @ .99, used (2) .30/1 doubled from 1/18 (free plus .22 overage after coupon/promo)

Not included in the promo were the following items:
(3) Clif Z kids bars @ .99, used .50/1 doubled from Whole Deal flyer- FREE
(1) Flat Out wraps clearanced to 1.49
(1) Gigantic container of organic baby greens clearanced to 3.49
(4) Horizon organic milk singles @ 1.00, used (4) .25/1 doubled
(1) cantaloupe @ 2.00
(2) bananas @ .40

I also got a couple of great catalinas... a 1.00/1 Stoneyfield Farms YoBaby 6-pack and a 1.00/1 Luvs diapers. Those are both extremely hard to come by so I'm delighted.

Total before sales/coupons: 88.25
Total after coupons/promo: 24.55

Total for the week: 85.61
Total for 2009: 239.20


Jessica said...

I have $20 more to spend on groceries this month and I think Kroger will be worth my while this week--thanks for the push!

tiffany said...

you are an amazing goddess of money saving. my boyfriend would like to thank you for the extra money in his bank account.
(he buys, i cook. that's the deal round these parts.)

and i haven't even gotten good at this yet!

Jessica said...

OK--I stole some ideas from you, but I did it!
8--Kraft cheese 2% (shredded + block)
3--Quaker high fiber instant oatmeal
2--Quaker simple harvest instant oatmeal
1-RoTel tomato can
2-Juicy Juice
2-Nature Valley granola bar boxes
2-Kleenex w/ Lotion
2-dozen eggs (not part of the $5/10items deal)
Total $84 pre-deal/pre-Q (WAYYYYY too much for these few items, btw)
paid $21!!!! and had Qs for everything--22 products for $21! I felt like I was high on something after I left :)

tiffany said...

when i went, they were out of the green giant steamers, so i asked for a rain check.
(first time i've done that, but i had a coupon too! it had to be done)
anyway, the lady at the customer service desk was all: "how may are you going to buy? because if you're going to buy 10 i can mark them at 89 cents a piece..." and i was all: "i'm totally going to buy ten."
because after my coupons, they'll be almost free! i'm so excited! and i have no idea how i'm going to fit all of those veggies into my freezer, but i'm excited none the less!

Cassie said...

Tiffany, you should try and get your hands on more coupons if you don't have 10. You can also hang onto your raincheck and coupons until the next wave of GG coupons come out (depending on when yours expire, of course) to get them all for free. My freezer(s) are full of free Steamers. (Say that 10 times fast.)