Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Coupon Binders

Kelly asked me how I organize my coupons. Here's a brief video I shot that I hope will answer your question, Kelly!


Lindsey said...

Just wanted you to know that I had my binder at CVS yesterday and the manager saw me and goes "you take this seriously dont you?" Isaac was with me and was like you have no idea. Then at Kroger a few months ago I had my binder and this lady walked up with a shoe box filled with coupons(internally freaking about the box of ciaos)i smiled and she looked from her box to my book and goes "well arent you a clever girl." I smiled showed her my binder and left a happy girl! I also made 5 people in my family binders for Christmas...its like an epidemic...I LOVE IT!

Cassie said...

That's what I love most about the binder method... it's so portable and you always have every coupon available in case of surprise sales or clearance items.

Plus it *is* really fun to watch people's expressions when you flip it open in the store. =)

Phil said...

I want to know what you did with all my 1987 TOPS baseball cards that were at one time in that binder!

Cassie said...

Phil, shush or I will tell everyone where the binder REALLY came from.

KellBell said...

That was very helpful, thank you!! I would love to see Jessica's as well. I know it seems silly but could you post a list of sections you have in your binder? I've started a list, but wonder if I'm making them to broad or I'm missing something.


Cassie said...

Kelly, I'm glad that was somewhat helpful. Mine is divided as follows:
Baked Goods
Baking supplies
Feminine Products/Deodorant/Cosmetics
Household (this includes things like batteries, cleaning supplies, storage containers and any random coupons that aren't food related)
Medicine/Vitamins/First Aid
Oral Care/Shaving
Packaged Foods (Jars, Boxes, Cans, Snacks, Candy)
Paper products
Shower (shampoo, conditioner, body wash/soap)

Jessica has hers organized by aisle at Meijer which, to me, makes much more sense than alphabetizing. As she walks down each aisle she can flip her book to that page and compare her coupons with the items on the shelves; I imagine she's less likely to let a coupon expire or miss a deal that way as opposed to alphabetizing.

The other thing is to break down your sections as much as you can. You'll become more familiar with the coupons that you have when your categories are less broad. I plan to get some more tabs the next time I'm at Target so I can narrow down my categories even further.

Thoughts or more questions?