Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wait! Don't throw your junk mail in the recycle bin yet!

Ann Arborites, take a look in your Red Plum junk mail that came today. You should have three $10/$70 coupons for Hiller's market. My fun vegetarian friend Cristy just informed me that Whole Foods will take any and all Hiller's coupons.

Thanks for the tip, Cristy!

PS: Stephanie just informed me that Plum Market coupons are also accepted at Whole Foods. Wahoo!


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for this tip!!!!! i foraged for the hillers coupons but couldn't find themin my red plum mailer! but I remembered I had my plum market coupons, so I called w/f and they said they'll accept them (have you gotten those postcard type ones in the mail?) I used them this afternoon without a problem! much better than the hiller deal ($5/25, $10/$50, $20/100)

Cassie said...

WOW! I have a drawer full of those too. Great to know... thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wahoo! I think the most recent ones expire at the end of Feb, so time to stock up!!! :)