Sunday, February 1, 2009

New coupons up!

Check out my coupon link to the left for some new printable coupons. Most interesting:

.50/1 ANY Cottonelle, which means a 4-pack of free TP at Kroger! (You can print once)

1.50/2 Imagine soups or broth. These frequently go on sale at Kroger for 2.50 each, and 1.75 for organic broth is a great price. I was able to print 4 coupons.

Kroger is also having a General Mills cereal sale this week. Select varieties are 1.67; there are some printables that will make this a good deal provided those varieties are on sale, or use the .50/1 Multigrain Cheerios coupons from an insert a few weeks ago to get them for .67 each.


Anonymous said...

cassie! did you hear that aldi is coming to a2 at maple/miller (across from Plum)? I've heard a bit about this chain from babycheap and moneysaving mom. thought you'd appreciate that! how are you doing? missed you at church today. love, me.

Cassie said...

I hadn't heard about Aldi, Steph! When are they supposed to be in? We had one by our house in Charlotte. Did you know they own Trader Joe's?

Phil went to 1st service today w/Ocean; Ocean had an accident in kids church so they were late getting home... there was no way I would have made it in time. I miss seeing you; let's try and get together in the next couple of weeks. XO