Monday, February 2, 2009

The next step...

So, I'm reading about the super-couponing folks emailing companies, essentially asking for coupons.  Cassie's alluded to this in previous posts, so I know it's old news to her, but since I tried it recently and it's paid off quite a bit, I thought I'd share.  I started with a list of companies that I'm pretty loyal to, or those that I wish I could be loyal to if only their products were cheaper.  Here's the list, what I wrote them and the end result.  I have about a billion other ideas, but I had a few minutes the other day, so started out with just these 8.

Tom's of Maine: wrote to them about how I am happy to drive out of my way for Tom's fluoride-free toothpaste for my daughter, but that I accidentally bought fully-fluoridated toothpaste last time and I was just inquiring regarding product availability locally.  I made a point of being very complimentary as I am VERY loyal to Tom's for toothpaste for my kid in particular.  I asked also for any Qs or promos that they can put me on their mailing list.  Within 4 days, I received a full tube of children's fluoride-free toothpaste.

Lansinoh: same deal, complimented them, asked for Qs as I prepare to become a milk machine in the next few months.  Within 4 days I received a sample pack of breast pads, nipple creams, breastmilk storage bags, cloth wipes.

Eucerin: complimented them on their Q10 cream (my FAVORITE and only cream I put on my face-if you've seen my complexion lately, this may make you very afraid of the product, but I assure you it'd be even scarier if not for this product!), asked for Qs.  Received three $2 off Qs expiring 12-10-09.

Stoneyfield Farms: received $5 worth of Qs within a week

Eggland's Best: we've been loyal to these eggs for about 3 years (exception: occasionally I'll buy the Meijer brand equivalent, but with Qs, Egglands are cheaper), I just wrote them complimenting their philosophy and their product.  I received one $0.50 coupon.  yipee-skippy, I only have about 40 of these already.  only good thing is that this Q has no expiration date.

Amy's: received email back stating they will be mailing me some coupons.

Kashi and LUVS: nothing received to date.

I have a long list of more companies / products to try and am keeping track of the savings.  These coupons came at no cost to me as I just wrote a simple, quick email in each case.

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Cassie said...

This is great, thanks! My friend Jill sent me half a tear pad of .50/1 Tom's coupons. I'm happy to pay it forward and share with you.

Also I just received my .75/1 Doctor Kracker coupons... the founder is a former Ann Arborite. He's SO nice.

Ask and you shall receive! (Usually.)