Sunday, February 15, 2009

Whole Foods Wins Me Back (as if I could quit them)

If you will recall my little coupon incident at Whole Foods last week, you will remember that I said I was going to follow up with corporate regarding their coupon policy. I sent a very nice email explaining the situation and asking for a copy of their coupon policy. I also made sure I complimented the cashier and manager with whom I spoke, because they were very kind and professional in their handling of the situation.

I received this response back from a store manager:

Dear Ms. Brabbs,

Unfortunately we do not have a written coupon policy. Each store has their own slightly different policy.

In this case I think there may have been a miscommunication. From your recounting of the situation you should have been able to use your coupon. As long as the coupons are truly manufacturers coupons, are in date and are for products we carry.

I have discussed this with our Customer Service Team Leader and he will be following up with the cashiers.

I am truly sorry about this and hope you will bring the coupon in so that we can redeem it for you.

There will also be a gift card in your name at the customer service desk for your trouble.

So you see? When in doubt, it never hurts to ask. (And along the same lines it's also nice to send shiny happy emails to corporate when you've had a positive experience with a particular cashier at your store. Many times they get bonuses and perks when a customer gives them a pat on the back. It's worth the 2 minutes it would take to find out their name and shoot off an email to their boss.)

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Becky said...

Wow, neat! They must know that you are a major opinion-maker!