Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day, Green Machines.

You know, Earth Day pretty much passed me right by without a second thought. But then again, here at Envirosavings, every day is Earth Day. (Did you like how I distracted you from my absent-mindedness with self-importance? Nice.) The very exciting thing about an official day for our planet is that there are lots of sales this week on the kinds of products we love: healthy, clean and green.

I have a gazillion pictures to put up, so let's get started with CVS:

(4) newspapers @ 1.75 each
(1) Edge shaving cream @ 2.89
(1) Oral-B floss @ 2.88

Used 10.98 ECB, paid 1.79 OOP, earned back 4.89 ECBs

I also did a deal at Rite-Aid:

(1) Huggies diapers @ 8.99, used 1.50/1 from Sunday's paper
Will get $3 back from Single Check Rebate
Total after rebate: 5.03

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