Wednesday, May 20, 2009

HFCS-free vs FREE...FREE won today

Helping pinch hitting for Cassie and hoping all the computer issues get fixed QUICKLY!
Meijer--spent $41 on the goodies above (saved $57--$25 in coupon savings):
-bananas @ 1.47
-zucchinis @0.60 (to make cassie's crockpot lasanga!)
-ricotta @2.79
-skippy natural pb @2.84--my stash ran out :(--use $0.40 mfQ doubled = $2.04, ugh, it pains me to pay this much for pb
-EB eggs dozen @ 3.19--used $0.50 mfQ doubled = $2.19
-organic mushrooms @2.00
-Rosetto frozen cheese ravioli @ 0.53 (just realized this, holy cow--they must be clearanced or something)
-Sweet baby Rays: BBQ sauce, dipping sauce and sandwich spread at $0.99 each FREE after $1.00 off mfQs on each from this past weekend
-3 Kraft dressing @ 1.59 each FREE with overage after $1.50/1 mfQ from paper +$1/1 mealbox Q + $1/1 printable mfQ + free ranch catalina from sometime in the past
-2 Kraft cheese-ish type food product that aren't really cheese but make yummy quick grilled cheese sammies on sale for half off--$1.94 each used $1/2 mealbox Q and $1/2 printable mfQ = $0.94 each
-2boxes Quaker Delights granola bars @2.29 each used 2x$1/1 mfQs = $1.29 each
-1 Oatmeal/fiber bar @2.29 used $1/1 mfQ = $1.29 each
-1 Nature's Source natural all-purpose cleaner @2.61--used $1/1 mfQ from paper = $1.61
-3xRagu @1.50 each--used 2 mfQs (can't remember what value, sorry)
-2x Aunt Millies @ 2.00 each--used 2x  $0.35/1 doubled = $1.30 each--paid too much i realize--grabbed wrong bread--something cheaper is on sale--not sure if it's whole grain though--the stuff I bought is
-1xFull Circle recycled Biodegradable kitchen trash bags 70count @4.69 on sale
-2x Green Giant Steamers at $1 each--used $0.50 mfQ to get these FREE (got 6 bags total this week. thanks, hubby!)
-2x some teriyaki noodle sidedish thing from Knorr--@$1 each and used $0.75/2 = $0.63 a piece
-2xMcCormick grillmates @1.67 each--used 2x $0.50/1 doubled to get these for $0.67 each
-4 cereal at 4/$9--used $1.50/3 to get each for $1.87--not the best deal, but it also gave 4 Yoplaits yogurts FREE
-1 Breyers ice cream @2.50--used $0.75/1 mfQ = $1.75
Thanks, Jill, for your help getting these freebies lined up.

also, I can't find the Meijer Naturals laundry Detergent anywhere at my store, but they are remodeling and everything's all wonky--anyone know if this got discontinued or something? also, did they do away with the bag credit? i haven't gotten a bag credit in at least 6 months--I always forget to ask.


Jill said...
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Jill said...

Jessica~ Where did you find the Sweet Baby Ray's spread? I could only find the dipping sauce and bbq. I went to both A2Saline & Jackson Rd. I've got 4 coupons for dipping sauce that are burning a hole in my pocket :)

And, the bag credit has been gone since right around the time they started selling the reusable bags. Bummer, eh?

Jessica said...

jill--i go to Belleville. There were only 2 on the shelf--Maple flavored.

thanks for the info on the bag credit.--jess

Jessica said...

jill: just to clarify--that was the grilling sauce--it's in a short cylindrical container.