Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nope. Still no life.

I couldn't possibly be less efficient if I tried. I don't know how many trips I've made to various stores this week but really, it's kind of sad. Thankfully they're all within a few (2-3) miles of my house so it's not like I have to go very far but still. Inefficient.

I went to Meijer to get cheap pasta but I never would have gone had I realized that the only ones included in the sale were macaroni noodles and spaghetti. Boring. Total for this was 2.00.

Went back to Whole Foods to make some money towards an organic seedless personal watermelon for Ocean. He has been eyeing watermelons for the last week and I wanted to treat him. Used my .18 overage (.10 bag refund and .08 from the Thai Kitchen) towards the 3.99 (!) watermelon, so I ended up paying 3.81 for this.

Decided to go to Rite Aid after perusing the ad for the week. I had picked up a rebate form for Organix shampoo a few weeks ago and I'm glad I held onto it. Organix was BOGO free this week at Rite Aid. So after rebate both will be free. I also found this new organic/sulfate-free/paraben-free conditioner by Samy, also free after rebate. I already put the forms in the mail with my receipts (the key to rebates is sending them in right away so you don't forget about them) so once I get those checks in the mail in 6-10 weeks I will have ended up paying just .90 tax for these.

Total: 6.71

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