Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whole Foods

We ran out of syrup last week, which is a travesty since we have a freezer full of waffles just begging to be consumed. I've been waiting for a sale at Meijer so that I can use a Meijer Organics cat I received recently but decided to just go ahead and bite the bullet for a big ol' bottle at Whole Foods. It was just under a third of my total bill which is crazy talk. However, I averaged about $2 per item, which is really good at Whole Foods. Another way to look at it... I basically paid full price for the syrup, the cheese and the salad dressing, and got the rest for free.
(1) baguette @ 1.39
16 oz. organic lentils @ 1.99
flour tortillas @ 2.59
organic chocolate milk @ 2.69, used 1.00/1
(2) Van's waffles @ 2.50, used 1.00/2
(4) Stonyfield Farm yogurt @ .67 each, used 1.00/4
(1) organic apricot fruit spread @ 2.00
.62 lb. dried cranberries @ 3.09
(1) Farmer's creamery organic milk @ 3.50
32 oz. organic maple syrup @ 19.99
(1) Earl's hummus @ 3.99
(6) Organic Valley cheese @ 3.50 each, used 2.00/2
(2) Lifeway Lassi drinkable yogurt @ 1.00 each, FREE after 1.00/1
(1) Blue Diamond Nut Thins crackers @ 2.00, used 1.00/1
(5) Annie's salad dressing @ 2.50 each, used 1.00/1
1.14 lb. local asparagus @ 2.27
.5 lb. organic raisins @ 1.50
(2) avocados @ 2.00 each
(1) Back to Nature mac and cheese @ 1.50, used 1.00/1

Got a .30 bag refund and used a $10/$50 Plum Market coupon.

Total after sales/before coupons: 96.17
Total after coupons: 67.87

Organic Produce Delivery: 23.00


Jessica said...

cassie: i am trying out making fake maple syrup. HFCS-free and cheaper than the HFCSstuff at the store, though definately not real maple syrup, which we are having to forego with our tight budget right now. it's sugar+water+maple flavoring (like imitation vanilla flavoring, but just maple). I'll let you know how it goes.

Jessica said...

ok the imitation part was bothering me, so I just bought REAL maple extract from Cooks online for $9--it'll make 24 batches of my syrup.

Cassie said...

That's really cool... have you tried it yet? I'm wondering if you could add some blackstrap molasses to get some extra iron in there too...