Friday, July 3, 2009

A budget change.

A couple of things are happening.

First of all, we've been hit with lots of illness here. Much of this is due to my husband's compromised immunity, and the rest is directly related to my kids licking everything they can get their tongues on. I'm fairly certain this is the case because I'm the only one who hasn't been sick.

The second thing going on is this contest which begins on July 13th, and which I have entered.

Because the budget for this contest is $25/week/person, and also because I'm feeling the need to step up the organic produce a bit more as well as adding in some supplements for Phil, I'll be increasing my grocery budget to $99 a week. This will still include diapers, cleaning products and toiletries. I'll still aim to keep my total bill as low as possible, but I'm allowing myself to stay under a hundred dollars in order to ramp up the nutrient-dense foods that my family needs.

This is the season we're in right now, and I'm rolling with it.

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