Sunday, July 19, 2009

In which everything that could possibly go wrong, does.

I made what was supposed to be a quick run to Meijer last night to catch a few of the good deals before the sales changed out this morning. I also had a Morningstar Farms coupon that was expiring so I wanted to get in on the Kellogg's Fuel For School Rebate since MS Farms is included, and is about the only Kellogg's product that we eat. 

What a disaster.

I had two separate transactions. The first consisted of 10 boxes of MS Farms products @ 3/$10, and I had 7.75 in MS Farms catalinas and coupons, plus that 4.00 oyno cat from the Kraft dressing deal. So I paid 21.59, plus will submit for the $10 rebate which makes these 1.16/box after rebate. Simple, right?

My damn receipt got mangled in the cash register. The surly teenage cashier handed me the top of this receipt, with smeared ink and nary a purchased item listed anywhere and started to ring up my next order. Ummm.... hold up please. Where the H is my receipt? After convincing her that I was not joking and actually needed a valid record of this transaction she called a manager who sort of retrieved part of my shredded receipt from the register and handed it to me victoriously, like we were done with this interaction. Not being satisfied, I sent her off to print me a copy of the transaction from her computer so I can staple it to my shreds, in the hopes that I'll still get my rebate. Looking back I should have had her return it all and re-ring it but I was in a big fat hurry because I had started my period in the frozen foods section. And I was wearing my white capris. No joke.

Okay, so the first transaction was done and the second one began. All was well for the ringing up of items. My cashier was still annoyed but whatevs. I had ordered some .50/1 Kraft cheese coupons on Ebay and was planning to score a couple bags of shreds for a buck a pop. She started to scan my coupons and when the second cheese coupon beeped she handed it back to me and said, "You've exceeded the limit on this coupon." Huh? I bought two bags of cheese and I'm using two coupons. "Yeah," she snipped, "but the coupon says one per item so you can only use one." This is where I got really annoyed, because as we all know this is the most unambiguous language ever used on a coupon. And she clearly wasn't getting it. We went 'round and 'round and finally I said, "Did you inadvertently scan the first coupon twice?" She insisted that she hadn't. So I handed her one bag of cheese and told her to take it off my order. No way am I paying two bucks for 7 oz. of shredded cheese. When she took it off the order, it removed a coupon. "Oh, I guess I did scan it twice." My head almost exploded.

That's when she hit the total button and I paid because I just wanted to get out of there. I paid 31.34 which, in my soul of souls felt a bit high but it was now past my bedtime and I just wanted out. I got to my car, looked at my receipt and realized that she shorted me FOUR DOLLARS in coupons.  

I did get back another 4.00 oyno for the Kraft dressing and some random catalinas (like for this Meijer Money... have you guys been getting these?) but that was little consolation for the fact that I may be out fourteen bucks betwixt the forgotten Qs and the potentially failed rebate.

Total spent: 52.93, but I'm going to be hopeful and say 42.93 after rebate.


Jessica said...

hey cassie, nothing like a little "welcome back to michigan" from meijer, huh? sorry about your catastrophe. the meijer money will be good for general merchandise and you get $2 for every $30 that you spend. kids clothes were on clearance or sunblock or arts and craft supplies is what I'm thinking--something free. of course diapers and wipes are excluded, so are health/beauty/cosmetics. you earn it in July and spend in August....look around for people leaving these in carts too!

Jessica said...

also, i had some screw ups and I called the lead cashier when I got home and she told me to come to customer service for a refund next time I was in--no problem and I got $4 cash back. just gave the name of the person I spoke with to the person at CS when I returned to the store.

Cassie said...

Haaaa... no kidding. Great info, thanks. I might give CS a call this week if I get a free minute. I also need to come over for a visit; Camp Creation is this week but maybe we can plan a play date/hang out for next week? I need to fill you in on AR also.