Sunday, July 19, 2009


I've started doing some MIRs to get some freebies.  This is something I've avoided in the past because they are a bit of a PITA and you often have to mail in your original store receipt which makes me nervous for some reason, but I'm getting over it.
Anyway, Friday, I got a free Seattle's Best coffee...we needed decaf on hand and I found this rebate form, so I thought it's worth a stamp, right?  

Then today, I was looking for a cheap filler to get to $20 at CVS so I could use my 4/20 coupon and still make it a moneymaker and roll all my expiring ECBs....and instead I found these:

(don't those items looks so all-natural with my lovely plant background?  unintentional, i promise!)
So, my transaction looks like this:
-2 filler paper packs @ 2.00 (get 2.00 each in ECBs)
-1 CVS pantiliner @ 0.89 (get 0.89 back in ECBs)
-2 packs papermate pens @ 0.99 (get 0.99 each in ECBs)
-2 memo books @ 0.99 (get 0.99 each in ECBs)
-2 one inch binders @ 2.49 (get 5.00 ECBs due to manual entry--these were 3.00 each in the ad, my store had a substitution item)
-1 organix pomegranite and something else shampoo @ 6.99
-1 True North nut medley snack bag @3.49

Total $24.xx + tax
paid with $4/20, $1 off True north mfr Q and 15.36 in ECBs.---$4.10 onto CVS gift card.
got back $13.85 in ECBs and will get $6.99 back in a check from Organix and $3.49 from True North.  Also, there were a few other items in the shampoo aisle that had "Try Me Free" tags on them...  
Anyway, altogether paid $19.46 after coupons (includes ECB value and amt that went onto gift card) and got back $24.31 (ECBs and money I'll receive from rebates for free items)--well $23.43 if you factor in the cost of a stamp (are stamps $0.44 I have no idea anymore).

A note of caution--on some items, you need the original receipt....some will take a copy (like the True North rebate), so be careful about getting more than one item per receipt, read your rebate form first.  It's nice if they can print you a copy, but see post below for problems associated with that, depending on the cashier.  Also, do the rebates right away when you get home so you don't forget and loose out!

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