Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Walgreens Wipes...

Time to stock up on baby wipes.  There are Walgreen's back to school books at their store with a store coupon for $2 off any Huggies Wipes (>64ct.)--use this with a manufacturer's coupon for a great deal.
Also, a few of their toothbrushes are clearanced out making them super cheap and if you do the Register Rewards program (which I do not...yet anyway) this could be a MM--you are supposed to get $6RR with 3 reach toothbrushes.

My transaction today is a total mystery.  I don't know what happened at all, but I think it all worked out in the's what happened.
FIVE packs Huggies Wipes @ 2.79 each--gave FIVE $0.50 mfr Qs and used the $2 off Walgreens Q
TWO Medium Reach toothbrushes clearanced to $1.09 each--used TWO $0.50 any Reach mfr Q
ONE Reach twinpack clearanced to $1.59--used $1.00 any Reach toothbrush mfr Q

I lost my receipt, so don't know the original total, but after the Reach Qs were deducted and the Walgreen's Huggies Q (you only need one Q for any number of packs)--the total was $1.52.  wth?  He gave me back all my Huggies mannies saying they wouldn't scan--probably b/c I was only paying the tax on these items at this point, but I don't know.  I've never done Walgreen's bargain shopping before, and looking back I'm sure it was an error, but I can thank my 3 year old for making me very rushed and basically running out of the store as soon as possible--otherwise, I probably would've realized the error.  the RRs never printed for the toothbrushes, but that's OK b/c I got 4 toothbrushes and 5 packs of wipes for $1.52 and I have no idea why.   I'll use Cassie's "good coupon karma" as an explanation.....but I'm going to do this again anyway b/c it's a good deal, even without the error--technically, the packs of wipes should be $0.29 each after store Q and manny, so I'll pay better attention next time ;)  so, run out and stock up if you need some wipes--my store still had a bunch left....oh, and the coupons say $1 off on one side and $2 off on the other, but they do, indeed, take $2 off.  happy wiping!
edited to add: the walgreen's Qs expire 8-31-09 according to various website.  thanks to babycheapskate for the headsup on the deal.


Jen Holt said...

Where did you find the back to school coupons? i havent looked very heard, but i havent seen them yet. Help!

Jessica said...

they're just at the front of the store in the rack when you walk in with a few little fliers--there were probably hundreds at my store. they had them at the check out lane, I didn't even actually need to present the coupon. there were $2 off shelf tags and when I went to the cashier to ask if I need to clip 5, he said to just bring up the wipes I wanted and he'd scan his copy of the Qs that they had at the checkout counter. someone may have snagged them at your store b/c I saw some on ebay (total scam b/c the fliers are all over the place) but they really should not be that difficult to find. you could even call and ask them so you don't waste a trip--i think it's their "Back to School" flier. It has about fifty 1" x 1" coupons all over it when you open it up.

also, there's a coupon on for "any Huggies baby product" $1.50 off---makes the deal even better--some store have their wipes priced higher too, so savings may vary. this is a great, legit deal and doesn't rely on a sale, I totally forgot to look when the coupons expire b/c even without the mfr Qs, it's a great deal so I'll definately be going back.
But, I will not clear the shelves (repeating this in my head)...I will not clear the shelves.....I will not clear the shelves....

Jen Holt said...

thx jessica- which one did were they at the front at? i was at wash/huron tonight and didnt see them...i'll have to check hewitt.

Jessica said...

i'm way the heck out in belleville